Is the new farm visa all cracked? The judge is still out

It can take up to 15 minutes for a butcher to make a steak.

For Australia’s largest livestock companies, that means one worker for each processed animal.

In other words, it requires human effort.

Although many Australians like to eat meat, there seems to be no shortage of Australians who enjoy it, and it has become a highly dependent industry for migrant workers.

The agricultural visa is intended to create opportunities for workers in agriculture, fisheries, forestry and meat processing to take up unskilled and unskilled jobs in the country.

The government has said it will take the new visa to permanent residence, but this is not a guarantee.

There is no guarantee that any worker will be able to obtain a visa, and no countries are yet enrolled in the program.

The government is ready to hold bilateral talks with potential countries and find out what they expect from the visa.

Agriculture Minister David Littleprod has previously used the trade as part of negotiations to target the UK and AAN countries, which exclude 10,000 backward workers a year.

North American and European countries also agree to give up grain producers and special machinery workers.

These negotiations will determine how the visa works.

Flight openings are the next big hurdle

Once that is done, the success of the visa will all depend on the crew’s ability to access flights.

Under the current flight cover, only 3,000 people will be allowed to enter Australia each week.

Remember there are Australians who can’t go home – tens of thousands.

It is an insurmountable obstacle in Australia at the moment, believing that the issue of flight can be overcome.

According to Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, Mr Lipprod is angry at the federal program for people to enter the state on agricultural visas.

Although Mr. Littleproud believed that there would be workers on visa knocking doors, Queenslander immediately pointed out that he now had a hand in ensuring the independence of Pacific Islanders. Working in Victoria.

David Lipprud speaks after the National Leadership Spill
David Lipprod went out to sell his new visa.(

ABC News Matt Roberts


There is no shortage of tai-ta-tat.

The exclusion of AG workers was one of the longest-running battles between the states and the Commonwealth during the epidemic.

This week’s announcement may be missing in some reports but it is important to note the “full circumstances” [of the agriculture visa] The visa will be implemented and implemented over the next three years. ”

And yes, only the government uses the word “operating”.

More unknown than the known

So, what do we know about visas? Administered and supervised by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

But it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The agreement was announced in a joint statement by Foreign Minister Marce Payne and Immigration Minister Alex Hawk, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and Mr. Litprod.

A middle-aged woman with long hair and a blue shirt is standing in a field with cattle.
Fiona Simson of the National Farmers Federation was skeptical that the visa would ever be issued.(

Presented by: Fiona Simson


Mr. Liplud was selling the visa this week.

“Foreigners will be careful not to set the exact date when we see the first workers after September 30,” he said. .

He does not quantify the number of employees who will be applying for a visa, choosing the “interest-based approach”.

Again, it is not clear how that is measured.

It is difficult to know how optimistic this is, but it says it will need more than 20,000 workers this summer in the horticulture sector alone.

If workers arrive and arrive, there are many questions about transportation, and the opposition needs assurances that workers from overseas will not be exploited.

But now developing an agricultural visa is a great victory for citizens.

Farmers have been calling for it since 2016, and long before Prime Minister Scott Morrison Covide-19 put pressure on farm labor. He said he supported it in 2018.
Some coalitions were divided by the new agricultural visa, and farmers were desperate for a new visa, with Mr Littleproud taking a side-by-side deal with the UK trade union, just days before Michael McCormack was ousted earlier this year. .

This week she believed.

For those preparing to look beyond the next harvest and beyond the epidemic, there is a chance that the agricultural visa could make a real, significant difference in the agricultural sector.

Before that, there are many steaks to hit the plate.


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