Is the sixth attempt to fix the monument the highest? See you in March

2021 Memorial Mountain Graduation (Copy)

Seniors Celebrate Graduation This Year at Hawlet Mountain Regional High School Gym. The community is desperate to find a high school building that is functional, safe – no firefighting system – and modern public education.

Heating was installed during the Great Barrington-Linden B. Johnson presidency. Same with windows and electrical system.

In 1968, in an effort by the state to close and demarcate city schools, Memorial Mountain Regional High School was closed in 1968.

It is now one of the few refurbished high schools in Berkshire County.

Monument Mountain Region High School

A.D. The main entrance to the Mt.

Fifty years later, after the Great Barrington voters twice killed to renovate the school ten years ago, the community is desperate for a functioning, safe – no firefighting system – and a modern high school building. Public Education.

“We have a number of shortcomings in the building’s infrastructure that prevent us from presenting a study program that we consider to be our responsibility,” said District Six. “One of our biggest concerns is the state of science labs.”

Massachusetts School Building Authority most recent application to help pay for the renovation of Monument Mountain Regional High School.

Other long-term problems include ventilation in the building – the school purchased air purifiers to increase safety coverage during the cholera epidemic.

“When managing it all year long, using good filters and opening windows is not a long-term solution,” the application said. We’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars to make it easier.

The lack of a fire extinguisher system worries the city fire chief and the building inspector, the application said.

Last week, Peter Dylon, the superintendent of the Berkshire Hills Regional School District, said the district would learn that it did not receive funding to renovate the school to some extent in March.

The district will also require voters to pay voters for new school design work at district meetings in district cities, including Stokebridge and West Stokebridge – this could cost up to $ 1 million, said school committee chairman Stephen Bannon. The building authority has paid the district once in the previous round to renovate the school and will not have to pay for this.

In the application for funding, school officials list problems in the physical plant that require constant care and money. They say that these students have an outdated learning environment and may be missing out on other schools and that it is hurting the hopes of those who should be learning.

Dylon and the school committee have been trying to improve the school since 2010.

Two of the six applications were approved by the agency and amendments were submitted to voters in district cities. It was a $ 51 million plan and the state would cover half of it. However, the majority of Larington voters were concerned about the tax increase and twice rejected the proposal. The city has most of the school budget because it sends a lot of students to schools.

A later agreement with the three cities eased the burden on construction and other capital projects in Great Barington.

The building authority, overwhelmed by appeals to needy schools, rejected new applications in January 2020 and again in April 2021.

State Monument High – Rejected by Berkshire Hills

Ten years later, the district estimates that the total cost could be from $ 70 million to $ 96 million. Reconstruction costs between $ 79 million and $ 100 million.

The district’s application building says it is short-lived in all academic areas due to lack of support for modern education. Many programs are at risk of losing recognition and other support as a result. These include automotive, fruit and vegetable, early childhood and cooking programs.

According to Dylon, the next challenge is financial competition, as other schools in the state also have failed systems. He said he thought the district could be dominated by the agency.

“We had a very good argument,” he said. “I kept arguing [the building authority] It is important not to shorten the generation of the other child ”


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