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Shiamine Melville

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Worcester, MA – After a long and exciting career in the financial services and benefits management industries, Shiamine Melville He is currently active with. Indian Worcester Association of India (ISWServing the Indian Diaspora in Metro West and sharing Indian cultural heritage with the Great Worcester community.

Starting as a volunteer Hindi language teacher at ISW, she was eventually appointed director of the ISW School of Culture and Language, where she administers more than 130 students and employs 40+ volunteer teachers in five languages. At the recently expanded ISW building, she took on a new role of directing ISW University, offering a variety of courses throughout the year, from coding, 3D printing to one-on-one tutoring. As an active member of the ISW Executive Board, she has helped build a strong volunteer team and has been a key component of all major ISW events. She recently partnered with ISW to help organize the first Diwali Light Festival program on Tor Hill.

In addition, for over 25 years, Ms. Melville has been an active member of the Northborough Junior Women’s Club, an affiliate of the Women’s Club General Federation, which organizes a wide range of community and service activities in Northborough. She lives in Marlborough with her husband Raj and two cats. She has two daughters, Anu, who lives in Seattle, Chicago with her husband Jack and her granddaughter Savina, and Ambika, with her husband, Mike.

Here is the QA with Ms. Melville:

India New England News Release Please tell our readers about your work and what you enjoy most about it?

Shiaamin Melville Death- I have spent over 25 years with various organizations as a Business Systems Analyst (BSA) first in the Financial Services Industry and most recently in the HR and Benefits area at ADP. As a BSA, I have worked closely with clients of several Fortune 500 companies to understand their business needs and translate them into practical solutions using our products. A key part of my job was to maintain clear communication with our development teams and clients. In addition, I recruited a team of analysts and quickly introduced them to the new tools and techniques. In addition to work, I enjoy highlighting the diverse cultures in our company. I was part of the ADP, Local Participation and Diversity Council and was responsible for hosting a number of inter-cultural events, including the promotion of Indian culture through the Diwali program. In May 2016, I was recognized by the ADP for the YMCA Achievers Mentor.

I retired and now volunteer my time and energy with various organizations – the Indian Society of Worcester, the Northborough Junior Women’s League and, more recently, the Worcester Horticulture Association in Tower Hill. I feel that the sky is the limit in terms of what I can do with my time.

If you are involved with any charity or non-profit organization, please why and what does this organization do?

SMS A.D. I was fortunate enough to volunteer as a real world community organization in 1963 with the Worcester Association of India (ISW) in India and to have its own physical community center, rightly called the Indian Center. ISW is a window to Indian cultural heritage not only for Indians but also for the local community in the Great Worcester area.

I have been actively involved in the ISW School of Languages ​​and Cultures for 25 years. I started volunteering as a Hindi language teacher and was finally appointed director of the school 14 years ago. As director, I was responsible for over 130 students attending five language classes on Saturdays and Sundays. My responsibilities are to manage the annual student enrollment, organize classrooms and curriculum for 11 different classes in 5 Indian languages, hire dozens of student volunteers to teach over 40 parent volunteers and sessions, maintain the weekly curriculum and oversee school activities. I was in school every week until the last child was picked up.

Two years ago, when Kovid shut down all private activities, we were able to quickly switch to online courses and within two weeks we were able to convert all sessions into zoom-based lessons. The students continued their studies without incident.

As the ISW India Center recently expanded with additional facilities and facilities, I took up a new role as President of ISW University. ISW University expands ISW offerings to the community and offers partnerships with academic training, SAT Prep classes, 3D printing workshops with IIT AGNE, Robotics and Vedic math. During the summer of 2020 and 2021, we offer online summer classes in a variety of subjects to help young students continue their careers due to lack of classroom experience. The tutorial provides an opportunity for student teachers to develop their own skills and work experience during the volunteer hours.

In addition to my role at ISW School, I have been an active member of the ISW Executive Board, of which I am a member of the core team that manages the annual ISW events, including India Day, which attracts more than 5,000 participants. Help spread the word about the Great Worcester area and Indian culture in the larger community. I also serve on the ISW eSandesh Newspaper Committee, the ISW Scholarship Committee, the Construction Campaign Fund and the ISW Construction Committee. Recently, I helped our youth form an ISW-SouthAI (South Asian Youth Activist and Partners) and ISW-Lambda, a support group for South Asian LGBTQ + youth. I have prepared a series of lectures on the college application process that brings together like-minded parents.

Last year I worked with ISW to work with New England Botanical Garden Tower Hill, the first Indian theme ‘Diwali – Light Festival’ which attracted and exposed more than 900 people from all walks of life. Culture. As a result, I was invited to become a board member of a parent company looking for opportunities to engage the community with Indian culture.

In addition, I am a long-time member of the Northborough Junior Women’s Club affiliated with the General Women’s Club Federation. It is the largest and oldest non-partisan, non-partisan, women’s voluntary service organization in the world in 1890 and the 56th United States Congress Charter in 1901. Northborough Junior wants to support the community through their volunteer efforts. My real interest is to help with the conservation projects and the recent resettlement program in Afghanistan. As a member, I learned a lot about immigrant life in the United States and how to meet a woman who truly cares about her time.

INE: What are your hobbies and interests?

SMS: I enjoy traveling as it refreshes me. My family always travels in India and since my father was on an Indian train, we are lucky enough to travel to distant parts of India. I was lucky enough to travel with my wife and sometimes with my daughters and sisters. It is still very important to me as I travel, and my family continues to entertain me as I unwrap paratas and dessie on our various excursions, whether on vacation or on a long flight.

I also like to read because it is “my time”. I like a lot of books based on the Indian Diaspora or biography but I do not discriminate on the basis of book choice. One does not know what to learn by picking up a random book.

Inne: How do you feel you have had a significant impact on your local community and your organization?

SMS As part of the ISW School Curriculum Plan, I assure you that the students are exposed to different cultures in different parts of India and appreciate the various religious and cultural festivals that make India such a melting pot. I believe it is important to emphasize the secular and diverse nature of India because this is only a time when young minds have the opportunity to be exposed to other languages ​​and cultures from different parts of India.

As president of ISW University, I look forward to my new role, which will enable us to expand our influence by providing education and resources to both Indians and non-Indians in Greater Worcester. Many of us have come to the United States because of the strength of our education, and we are fortunate to have so many ISW members who are willing and able to teach a variety of subjects. We offer a variety of courses ranging from chess, Lego robotics, 3D printing to Vedic math.

INE: What is your unique talent?

SMS I recently came across the term Mudita, which is derived from Buddhist philosophy and means to find happiness in helping others and in their happiness. It helps to explain what I really enjoy and that is helping others and connecting people with resources. I feel that having a Mudita is a real blessing but sometimes I find it difficult to avoid situations where I want to jump in and help.

INE: Your favorite books?

SMS In the natural wetlands of North Carolina, there is a lot of emotional cover and the secret of survival and strength in Delia Owens “Crowds Singing”

In “Amitav Gosh’s Historical Fiction,” The Sea of ​​Popes, I valued the teaching of the Zamandari system and hierarchy. A.D. Growing up in a monastery school in 1960, our troubled colonial history was either explained or I may not have exploited or explored society as a teenager. My journey continues as I read the books of Shashi Taror and Jumpa Lahiri.

INE: Your favorite quotes?

SMS “Rejoice this time. This moment is your life.” – Omar Khayyam

I truly believe that life is not about getting everything you want, but about enjoying what you have.

INE: Who motivates you the most?

SMS My mother is Rani Nautal. Born in the mid-1920’s, she did her own thing. She supported her family when she was a child, remarried at the age of 37, and moved to Mumbai to continue working as a social worker on the Indian Railways. After retiring, she came to Boston and got a job in digital and worked at a factory. She doesn’t seem to need anything, and she always plays to try everything at once. I hope she finds the desire to live.

Another characteristic that I admire about her is that they make everyone feel special. Her colleagues on the railroad, our family from Lukno, her grandchildren, her fitness friends and the adoptive ISW family still remember her with a special history and I hope to have the opportunity to entertain people. The same kindness. For me, kindness changes everything.

Inne: Is your main purpose of life worth living?

SMS Doing the right thing without compromising human morality and trying to see life from a different perspective. Emotions are one of my favorite traits. Sometimes we get into our own opinions and often forget the experiences we enjoyed.

Just as some children run away from the waves on the beach and some run to the waves, both can be considered dangerous or entertaining. I hope I find sympathy to see both perspectives.


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