IT Dep. Provides taxpayer awareness programs at Budgam & Ganderbal.

In the UT of J&K and Ladakh, taxpayers’ awareness campaign “Mulatat” continues today in Budgam and Ganderbal provinces of Kashmir State, led by Revenue Commissioner Shri MP Singh (1990 Bach IRS Officer) in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh Revenue Department.

The process was led by Shri Rajiv Kumar Gubgotra, Joint Commissioner of Income Tax, Srinagar at District Budgam and Smt. Abishri, Assistant Commissioner for Income Tax, Srinagar in Ganderbal. H. Shabaz Ahmed Mirza, Deputy Commissioner of Budgham and Sheh. Mujafar Ahmed Peir, ADP, CGST Department Officials in Ganderbal.

Representatives of local youth, business communities, fruit growers, small business owners, and government officials participated in both programs. Rajiv has informed the traders that in addition to raising awareness on the value of taxable income tax, tax facilitators will be able to repay various tax returns without having to audit their accounts. Smt. Abishri urged the participants to be loyal and proud taxpayers and contribute their share to the nation building process.

Particular attention was paid to local tax evasion, as tax collection and socio-economic development go hand in hand with both outreach programs. Mr. Adil, a young man from Ganderbal, raised concerns about the complex nature of the Income Tax and GST laws.

Residents from both woredas have called for more awareness-raising and education camps in their districts. Locals are adamant they want to pay taxes but need the same guidelines to encourage voluntary compliance. Both departments are committed to providing the best taxpayer service to the indigenous people and will ensure that there is no discrimination or harassment under the new transparent and accountable tax system.

In addition to commenting on tax issues, he urged residents of Budgamam and Ganderbal to express their wishes for the upcoming Commonwealth budget. Regarding the Commonwealth budget, local people have given their views and opinions on local development.

On behalf of the local horticultural community, Menzur spoke about the need to set up a large number of cold storage facilities for the production of apples, grapes and cherries, the need for level C apple market intervention and Ganderbal’s domestic trade and export routes. Growing fresh fruits. A local businessman from Gandal, Mr. Bilal Shah, asked for the district’s young entrepreneurs. In Budham, locals have called for better internet connectivity and focus on Budgham industrialization.

Overall, the two most effective and detailed interactive sessions were in which voices, ideas, and ideas from Ganderbal and Buddha were heard and recorded. The officials confirmed to the locals that the Revenue Tax Department is a partner for the development of Jammu and Kashmir and that the doors of their newly-opened Chinese office in Rajabag are always open to the public.


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