‘It Is Hard to Not Grieve’

Farmer Richard Barrow talks about the problems in the industry on the land in the new column …

As you prepare to write these articles, it is very difficult not to cry about what is currently worrying about agriculture and fruits and vegetables.

Lack of energy to harvest our crops.

Lack of trucks to transport our produce.

Inflation on all inputs to grow our crops.

Supermarkets use their dominance to lower their prices for farmers.

Profit – There is nothing worse than spending 12 months caring for a crop and selling it for less than the cost of growing it.

But getting in is still an amazing industry.

When you see photos of people working in large offices, you should thank them for being outside and at the same time exercising.

In the summer, there is nothing better than to wake up early in the morning and wake up in the countryside.

Each day is different and you are controlled by the seasons and the weather on that day.

You have to be a professional – a mechanic, a soil scientist, an agronomist, a salesman, a computer operator, a bookkeeper and a financier – all skills that you use every day of the year.

Farmers and peasants always wanted to take care of the ecology and environment of the land they administered and such words were made long before they were traditionally imprisoned.

The current government must ensure that agriculture is profitable, and then the area that we say is most important will be taken care of by farmers.

However, if agriculture and horticulture are not profitable in the UK, the rural DEFRA will hurt anyone who hangs in the name of environmental protection.


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