It is possible to go from homeless to homeowner to Poverello House, BofA

Men living in poverty have met in the Poverrelo House with pen and paper notes to help them make better financial decisions.

Managing money is part of Poverello’s one-year men’s rehabilitation program, which includes six months of care at a transit facility.

Financial literacy is essential as program graduates earn around $ 20,000.

History shows, however, that some graduates do not have to travel long distances to return to a program in which they have no money.

To prevent this cycle, Poverrelo House is currently relying on Bank of America’s best financial practices to teach participants to make healthy financial choices.

Brett Lockie, a resident of Poverrelo, has just started the rehabilitation program. He says the goal is to stand on his own two feet.

“Like most people, I want to pay for my own car. I finally want to buy a house, ”said Lock.

But really, I want to be sure that I can manage my finances on my own and that I will be able to breathe more stress if there is any way I can pay my bills and how this will work out in the end. Week, or end of month, and you do not have to worry so much about something like that.

Residents of Poverrelo House are participating in a men’s rehabilitation program where US Bank staff learn financial skills. (GVWire / Liz Juarez)

The Men’s Rehabilitation Program helps men get back on their feet

Gavin Larson, developer and case manager at Poverello House, oversees many of the men in the program.

He says that all men are given an important role in Poverelo’s daily life.

“All the men who cook the food, the security guards, the warehouses, the trucks, the delivery and donations are all part of the program,” said Larson.

“We have overcome drug abuse, we are doing AA 12 steps and we have group therapy for mental health.”

According to Larson, the program has a wide range of resources available to assist men.

However, the most memorable topic is the final stage of the program – part of financial knowledge.

In the past, Larson taught the Bank of America a quarterly course of instruction, teaching residents a few basic financial skills until they became successful.

“You know, it’s very important to see the bankers go down and give that class and I know in my humble opinion, thank you very much to the Bank of America,” Larson said.

“In the past, he (Bank of America) was a sponsor, one of our sponsors and in many ways a partner. So it’s very special to make that trip and give time to our men.

What do the program participants learn?

Demonstrate how to open a bank account for men, help pay salaries, manage a tight budget, and pay off debts.

After graduating from Fresno & Vizalia, the bank’s local marketing executive, Marisa Moore, focused on planning and saving for large purchases such as cars and homes.

Moore: “When we talk to all of our volunteers, the men are always very busy, asking questions and eager to learn. “I feel that they are taking the matter seriously and that they will apply what they have learned in their lives today and when they leave Poverrelo’s house.

Felipe Barajas, one of the students, said that his goal was to become a homeowner and that he was curious about saving.

“I have learned how important it is to save money and how to budget,” says Barajas. “I’ve also learned to look for fraud and what it costs.”

Marisa Moore, chief marketing officer of Fresno & Vizalia, Bank of America, provides financial advice to participants in Poverrelo Men’s Rehabilitation Program. (GVWire / Liz Juarez)

Getting out of the program is not always easy

Leaving the program is not always easy, but Poverrelo House focuses on building a community where participants always return.

Larson said: “One of the main things is that the recovery program is difficult, I think it is not easy.

After residents spent the first two or three weeks, Larson said most participants would work hard to change and recover.

“At that time, you know, they were squeezing every drop of information, every single one of them,” said Larson.

Former participants in difficult trials often feel comfortable returning to seek help, says Larson.

“I have men who came two years ago and hi, man, I’m fired now. Can I work with you? Said Larson. “Someone who is a former student of our program may come back.”

Bank of America Resources

While the Better Money Practices program is being offered at schools, colleges, and rehabilitation centers, the Bank of America is providing similar resources to the public.

Lessons in Basic banking, car and mortgage, pension, children’s college and debt repayment are all available for free by visiting the bank’s website here.

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