Ivy Tech Vendors has decided on the Duke Energy Community Garden

SELLERSBURG – A new garden at Ivy Tech Community College on the Sellersburg Campus provides a green space for the community to relax and enjoy nature.

Ivy Tech vendors presented a $ 8,500 garden-sponsored garden on Tuesday at the Duke Energy Foundation.

The Duke Energy community at the College Ivy Park is not only a project to beautify the garden, but also includes plants to attract pollen, such as monarch butterflies, that can stand in the middle of their migration.

According to Ivy Tech vendors, Burundian Chancellor Travis Hayer, the money from the Duke Energy Foundation and labor donors has helped make the garden a reality.

Duke Energy Community Garden is not only a beautiful garden for students, staff, faculty and the community, but also provides essential rest for the Menark butterflies on a field trip in the spring and summer from Mexico to Canada. They said.

Heire says the garden is “a great addition to our beautiful campus.”

The site includes a sidewalk with bricks designed to honor or commemorate staff or community members who have “something special to them and something special for our campus”.

Paul Perkins, chairman of the board of directors of Ivy Tech, said the park is an example of Ivy Tech’s mission and mission to “help people grow in their lives.”

Lisa Bronés Huber, Public Relations and Public Relations Manager for Duke Energy in Southern Indiana, said she hopes future generations can enjoy the garden in the years to come.

“For emperors, butterflies can be seen on the way to migration, and it is a beautiful royal road, and it is a great opportunity for people to come – be it students [or] Members of the community – and enjoy the beautiful, peaceful, peaceful atmosphere, ”said Huber.

“Especially now, during the epidemic, we realize how important it is to have such places, and it really helps to improve our physical and mental well-being,” he said.


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