J & K. Economic Growth Key Drivers – LG

SIRNagar, September 10 – As part of the agricultural mechanization support for large-scale economic transformation, Lt. Gen. Manoah Sinha today handed over fines to 100 tractors and 1035 acres to Panchayat at the Agricultural Complex, Lal Mandy.

Congratulations to the beneficiary farmers and members of Panchayat who received a letter of reprimand today while addressing the gathering. Mechanization of agriculture is one of the most important factors in transforming the agricultural sector. It will lead to more profound changes and will help farmers to produce more, he said.

According to the farmer, the government has implemented the efficient use of seed technologies, high-density farming, nutrition and integrated dairy farming as a key driver of UT’s economic growth.

List the reforms introduced by the government to transform the agricultural sector, such as cold storage, market linkages and food processing units, creating a strong framework for agro-industrial linkages and connecting rural-urban youth to create jobs.

He advised farmers to adopt new methods, such as raw materials, in order to sustain their agricultural income.

In response to the J&K government’s efforts to strengthen agricultural mechanization, the ruling government has seen the establishment of custom employment centers and agricultural machinery banks in various parts of YouTube. So far, 151 custom employment centers and 122 agricultural machinery banks have been launched, he said.

The government has set a goal of providing 500 tractors to farmers by taking significant steps to transform the agricultural sector. Similarly, we decided to harvest padia and corn for the Panchayat. Up to 1147 provinces have already been issued, and 1035 fines are being issued today, he added.

He emphasized the government’s efforts to promote domestic products. NAFED now sells Kashmir saffron at all outlets across the country, giving farmers another option to sell their produce at a better price.

Apart from Afron, J&K is the number one producer in the country in terms of Apple, Walton and Almond production, and I hope that the coming industries will help grow the income of the food industry in the coming days. .

He said the reforms brought about by the agriculture and partnership sectors are yielding encouraging results. He said online organic certification has also been launched in J and K to facilitate registration and ensure growth in organic farming.

For the first time in history, 2,000 trucks were sent from Jammu and Kashmir to other parts of the country. J & K is the largest producer in the country with 70 quintals per hectare. “We are converting 60,000 hectares of Basmati farmland to high productivity,” he said. Over the past year, we have produced a record 5400 metric tons of mushrooms and 22,182 quintals of honey. Pocket credit cards have been distributed to more than 11 million 60,000 farmers. He said the 8,000 birr Apple Market is changing the lives of 30 million people connected to the sector.

She also spoke about the remarkable progress being made in the dairy sector.

The prince urged the young man to consider farming and partnering activities as career options. He said there will be no shortage of finance and cooperation from the administration in agriculture and horticulture. In addition to providing training to the farmers, they also pointed out the steps taken by the government in terms of pesticides and fertilizers. He further proposed the establishment of a cluster and the expansion of cooperative agriculture and horticulture.

On the occasion, the Prince’s Organic Certification Agency launched a website. He said the registration center will be linked to national and international markets for farmers in Jammu and Kashmir.

Meanwhile, the Crown Prince praised the progressive farmers and published a book of genealogy and a saffron booklet. He opened veterinary services by inspecting the shops in the farmer’s organic market.

Speakers at the event Rajeyev Ray Bathangar, an adviser to farmers’ governor, emphasized the government’s reforms to help farmers and other stakeholders make a profit.

In his address, Sheikh Navin Kumar Chuhari, Secretary General of the Department of Government, Agricultural Production and the Department of Agricultural Safety, highlighted various agricultural-oriented measures taken by the government. In addition to promoting seed production at J&K, he also spoke about the department’s initiative to promote organic farming.

He said 48 such centers will be launched in the coming days. Kashmir welcome speech and highlight the achievements of the Department of Agriculture.

Sheikh Pandurang K. Paul, Class Commissioner, Kashmir; Sheikh Vija Kumar, ISP Kashmir; Members of the J and K Advisory Board for Case Development; Senior officials; Farmers from different parts of the region attended the event.


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