J & K – Groundnut almond crop growing in the market with the help of the Department of Fruits and Vegetables

Thanks to the efforts of the State Department of Fruit and Vegetation and favorable weather conditions, the almond crop growing in the Kotranka Budhal block of Rajori district, Jammu and Kashmir is ready to hit the market. Shafkat Hussein Khan, Woreda Garden Manager of Rajori Woreda, said the plants provided to farmers by the Department of Fruit and Vegetation have finally borne fruit.

“There are two zones in Rajuri district – sub-winter and tropical. We grow citrus and mango crops in the subsoil. In the tropical zone of Kotranca, Buddhism, Tanamadi and Manjacot, almonds are now being harvested. ” . “High quality almonds, Kagzi (Paper bark) Walnuts grow here in an organic way. There are no fertilizers or pesticides, ”he said.

The Department of Fruit and Vegetation encourages the crop

According to Khan, the horticultural sector encourages the planting of different crops under different programs. He said we will subsidize various facilities such as irrigation, machinery and organic farming.

The officer further explained that the walnut crop in the district has a lot of potential and is well paid. “In the past, we used to give seeds to farmers who take 10 years to produce fruit, but now we have switched to fruit-bearing plants in four to five years,” he said.

Bomper Walnut Crop in Jake Rajuri

Buddhism, a peanut producer in Cotranca, said that although Cotranca is a mountainous area, many crops such as apples, walnuts and corn are grown here. “This year, weeds have been harvested. We produce a variety of walnuts that are stored separately. ” Growing walnuts requires a lot of hard work from contractors and workers, so we would like to urge the government to set up a fruit mandate here to facilitate crop sales.

He also said that the Kovid-19 epidemic had a negative impact on the sale of almonds last year. “Last year’s walnuts were still stored, so we suffered losses. So we expect some support from the government, ”he said.

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