JK Administration establishes high-tech nursery stations in Rajori Woreda to encourage horticulture sector

May 30, 2022 18 ፡ 52 IST

Rajuri (Jammu and Kashmir) [India]May 30 (ANI): The Department of Horticulture has established state-of-the-art technology stores in Saaj, Siot, Budhal and Rajouri in Rajuri district to boost the horticulture sector.
Various fruit and vegetable crops are being grown in these seedlings, which will provide additional services to the farmers.

Rice Ahmed, one of the staff at Saj Kindergarten, said:
“Of all the Hi-tech nurseries in the district, our Sage nursery site is in high demand and all kinds of plants are available here,” he added.
High-tech nursery plants can play an important role in the production of quality planting material for fruits and vegetables.

Moreover, the plants grow in partially controlled conditions and have recently been developed by scientific propagation techniques with better productivity.
All hi-tech nurseries in Rajor are using graphic techniques to grow more plants. In this technique, two or more plant parts are joined together to form a single plant. It increases the efficiency of nutrient uptake and utilization in many plant species.
“We have prepared 1,60,000 seedlings at Saj & Rajuri Kindergarten, and most of the seedlings used in the next harvest season. we will do.

“Due to the high demand for shredded almond seedlings, we can plant about 18,000 stems in the Saj seedlings, 7,000 in the sage, 4,000 buds and 1,000 rhubarb seedlings in the future.”
Rajuri Woreda Horticulture Officer Shafkat Hussein Khan said, “It is our prime minister’s dream to double the income of all farmers and if the pace is the same, it could triple the farmers’ income rather than triple it.”
In addition to creating employment opportunities for young people, Horticulture contributes more than 8% to the GDP of Jammu and Kashmir.
According to official figures, a total of 7.5 lakh households comprising about 35 lakh insects are associated with this sector.
Thus, the Jammu and Kashmir authorities have made many improvements to encourage the horticultural sector and are producing encouraging results for many job seekers. (ANI)

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