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The Resource Innovation Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing a better future for all human beings. We measure, validate, and respect the world’s most advanced agricultural ideas so that growers can harvest resistant produce for the next century. A.D. Established in 2016, we have expanded our research into other sectors in partnership with the US Department of Agriculture to advise governments, utilities, and industry leaders on cannabis development, an unpublished and resource-rich market.

We believe in design to create an immediate impact. Many of us women are leading and taking on technical responsibilities.

Together, we are guided to measure, accept and respect the most efficient agricultural ideas in the world. We believe that food, medicine and other important crops share information-based insights with honesty to meet the challenges of the world.

Our membership brings together perspectives from the field – uniting architects and engineers, developers and operators, researchers and analysts. By maintaining relationships in our complex and dynamic industry, we can build deep recovery systems for humans and planets.

RII is covered by utilities, Foundation, Governments, Farmers and CEA leading members of the supply chain. Its board of directors includes the US Council for Energy Saving Economy (ACEEE) and a former US Green Building Council board member.

RII believes that all issues are mutually exclusive. Climate change cannot be reversed unless genuine racial equality is guaranteed. Therefore, we need an imaginary work environment in which our staff and the people we hire for project work are in line with these beliefs and their qualifications are considered, not necessarily their education or experience.

App details

Submit both a cover letter and a resume application, including a link to your LinkedIn profile. Depending on the interview process, candidates will be asked to complete a pre-employment evaluation. Applicants who do not submit a cover letter will not be considered.

Position details

Overview Establishes technical technical positions and represents RII between technical areas and industry standard organizations, oversees and manages enterprise operations, leads PowerScore development, prepares guide to market best practices and provides research reports, and provides related training programs.

Reports to: Director General

Direct Reports Pages Operations and Engineering Manager, Resource Qualification Engineer

Required Skills

  • Including managing horticultural activities, monitoring data on plant health and energy / water use, and overseeing research projects on resource efficiency.
  • History of working with in-house and greenhouse crop producers to advance resource efficiency and solutions at various levels
  • Design, construction and maintenance of CAA facilities
  • Participation in Consumer Energy Efficiency Programs
  • Technical writing
  • Public speech

Skills / Certificates / Experience Preferred

  • Degree in Horticulture, Engineering, Biology or other related scientific fields
  • It oversees systems that help professionals and growers monitor resource efficiency in automation
  • Water cycle strategies
  • Knowledge of cannabis as a species and related agricultural approaches and methods
  • Understanding MEP and construction envelope systems in agricultural facilities
  • Project management skills such as scheduling, cost estimation, and asset allocation
  • A good technical writer for various stakeholders; Skilled in interpreting complex technical issues for the audience


Supervise the engineering team

  • Operations and Engineering Manager
  • Wealth Efficiency Engineer

Direct PowerScore service and upgrade

  • Contract Management and Customer Support (eg USDA, Mendocino, Future Powers, Future Trade Unions)
  • Bench Mark Service for Manufacturers, both voluntarily and obediently
  • Data integration with members
  • Analysis for Pro users
  • Testing and improving the user experience by collaborating with marketing
  • Including software development, contract development and external software development and system management resource management

Supervise the Technical Advisory Council

  • In 2022-23, working groups will include:
  • Policy, Codes and Standards (Optimized by ACEEE and CEO)
  • Water cycle
  • Automation and control

Lead print development on CAA resource efficiency

  • Read and analyze existing research published on competency and new technologies
  • Author Best Practices Guides and Market Reports (e.g. CEA Market Behavior Report)
  • Play a Leading Edge in Collaborative Growth in Half Annual Reports
  • Benchmark
  • Landscape
  • Collaborate with Marketing to develop case studies with members and data partners
  • Author Technical Editors and Columns in conjunction with relevant industry publications and marketing objectives
  • For example, Greenhouse Grower, Cannabis Business Times, Manufacturer

Supervise the development and delivery of educational and training content prepared for:

  • Catalog
  • CEA Efficiency Education Center
  • Curriculum Chains (Effective Results, Efficient Growth, Harvest Saving)
  • Useful clips

Determine technical areas on behalf of the organization

  • Respond to public comment sessions related to technical issues with rating agencies (eg ASTM, UL, ASHRAE, DLC)
  • Collaborate with the executive to help shape policy areas
  • RII is represented on the Technical Committees of the Standards Organization

Work schedule and environment

  • It starts on 6/13/22
  • Full-time, 40 hours a week
  • 95k-120k DOE
  • Remote location; Working from home
  • Collaborate with digital controllers in Portland, Oregon and team members in Portland, Burlington, Vermont and Denver, Colorado

Statement of Equal Opportunity

Our goal of being an accessible, diverse and communication organization that represents the industry we serve can only be achieved through our dedicated workforce. We are an equal opportunity employer and committed to diversity. RII does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, sexual orientation, gender, religion, place of birth, disability, age, or nationality. We accept and encourage applications from members of unrepresented and / or marginalized groups. RII values ​​the individual and social differences that each person brings to the table.

Applicants who do not submit a cover letter will not be considered.

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