Judges announce AIPH World’s Best Player of the Year – perishable news

Six ornamental gardeners have been selected to sit on the judges for the 2022 IGOTY Award of the Year.

The awards are organized by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPA) and are recognized as “excellent” in jewelry production. The awards ceremony will be held in January 2022, along with IPM Essen, Germany’s largest international trade fair.

The Honorable International Judicial Panel is chaired by Mr. Tim Edwards, Vice President of IPH and Chairman of the Bongale Guardians (UK). Members of the court were Mr. Jean-Deter Bruns, Managing Director of Bruns Frenzy and the European Retail Association (ESA) (Germany); Mr. Andre van Cruzjison, General Manager of Platonion (Netherlands). Mr. Paul Graff, Chief Executive Officer of Graphic A.S. (Denmark). Mr. Augusto Solano, President of the Industrial Association Ascolflores (Colombia) and Mr. Hiroshi Sakata, President of the Japan Horticultural Association (Japan).

IPI accepts entries from around the world. The IGOTY Awards celebrate excellence in five categories. Finished plants and trees, young plants, cut flowers and bulbs, sustainability and stimulating business. Bronze, silver, and gold prizes can be won in each category. Only one of these categories won the AIPH Global 2022 Manufacturer of the Year award, the “Golden Rose” – the industry’s most prestigious award.

Candidates submit the 2022 IGOTY Awards online and the closing date is Friday, September 10, 2021. For more information, please visit aiph.org/igoty

We thank Royal Floraholland, the founding partner of Fluorescent International, and its partners CIOPORA, and the World Horti Center.

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IGOTY Awards We bring it to you in partnership with AIPH Foundation Partner, FloraCulture International (FCI) and Subject Partner, Royal Floholland. The IGOTY Awards have been the most successful in the industry since 2009. The IGOTY Awards recognize the excellence in horticulture in the world’s largest ornamental gardens, honoring their expertise in horticulture.

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