Karnataka – Do you need a junior officer to respond? here you go

To ensure proper coordination between Karnataka Lokayukta And various government departments, the regional government has appointed a junior officer. This is a relief as 10 government offices have not responded to the notifications in Karnataka Locakuta.

According to the records, 14 government departments provided information on 141 reports sent by Lokayukta.

Such as government offices Public Works, Mining and Geology, Trade & Industry, Rural Development and Panchayat X-ray, Small Irrigation, Health and Family Safety, Cooperation, Agriculture, Vegetation and Grazing, DPAR, Social security, Food and civil supplies Safety of minorities, Hajj and Waqf, Backyard Safety, and Water Resources 10 government departments have responded to reports in Karnataka Local Government Area. Urban development, Forest, Ecology and Environment, Energy, Education, School, Women and Children Development, Skilled and Elderly, Transportation and Information Development are yet to act on the reports.

Activist Sai Data filed a petition Supreme Court To take action against liability for non-compliance with Article 12 (1) of the Karnataka Location Act.

The state government, which reported the report to the state Supreme Court, appointed the state government’s co-secretary DPR as head of the crossroads. Lokayukta in accordance with Part 12 (1) of the Lokayukta Act.

The Supreme Court adjourned the hearing until September 8.

The site data, for its part, said the state government departments should have provided the action and ensure that it was not delayed. He said government departments should take action in the report.


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