Kathy Hochul visited the NY State show for the first time as governor

In her new role, Governor Kathy Hochul made her first trip to New York State on Sunday.

Before visiting the farms, Hochul erected a monument to the men and women who lost their lives to protect the state’s highways.

New York State Police Exhibition, Fruit and Vegetable Construction, Maple Cotton Bucket, Map and Milk Sculpture, Sandstone in Expo Center, and Pan Africa Village.

Of course, she also took the time to try a timeless fairy-favorite dish – soup sandwich. It was a great time for Jeff Diggiorgi, the owner of Basilio South Stand, who was delighted to see the new governor return to the show.

“Oh, it’s great, we’re so happy,” said DJ George.

Hochul says she has been to the show several times before, but for her it was as emotional as a visit.

“I am humbled only by the responsibilities entrusted to me, and I enjoy the opportunities to do good for the people of New York, and that is easy,” said Hochul.

According to Hochul, the next two are rent relief and the fight against COVID-19. She wants to reassure New York residents through actions such as reviewing sexual harassment policies and releasing more in-depth information about state COVID-19 deaths.

“The information (about COVID-19 deaths) has always been there, but it reflects our desire to release as much information as possible, so I think this is going to happen in the first few days of my administration. Be different. ”

Diane Torres greeted the governor at the fair and said she still loves Hochul’s work.

“It doesn’t have to be. We need a man or a woman,” said Torres.

This is what Hochul says she hopes to bring more transparency and accountability to Albany.

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