Katie’s HCC campus so far promises to provide a new college experience.

Located at 22910 Colonial Parkway, the building is designed to promote learning experiences, learning participation and student collaboration.

It has 124,000 square feet of facility making space, a digital design laboratory and eight science and five computer labs with 44 rooms, an art room, a music room and 31 active learning spaces.

The first floor is an atrium with student services, a library, a creative space and a work space, explained HCCC Chancellor Cesar Maldonado. The classrooms are on the second and third floors.

“This is a beautiful campus. It represents a new concept in higher education where students are actively involved in their own education, ”said Zachary Hodgs, president of HCC Northwest. “I am very proud of this institution.”

The campus is located just across the street from Houston-Katie University and is part of HCC’s partnership to provide student enrollment opportunities.

The school offers two-year degrees and works with the UH-Katy campus to provide a total of four-year degrees. HCC offers the first two years – elementary and high school courses, and U-Katie offers junior, senior and postgraduate courses.

HCC: Katie offers courses in advanced manufacturing, agriculture, horticulture, art and design, artificial intelligence and business.

“You can earn less than $ 25,000 for a four-year degree after college transfer,” Hodgs said.

UH Engineering College also has a program that allows UH-Katy students to enroll in HCC courses.

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