Kederminster Karate Club hosts disability rooms.

Kidderminster-based Young Gloves Karate is currently hosting a karate class for the disabled.

Instructor Justin Thomas 5th Dan is teaming up with Stourport’s Leapgate Activities Center to deliver specially designed and structured classes with their members.

The Leipget Center in Welden is a charity that supports people with disabilities, provides learning and work experience.

They offer a wide range of activities, including animal husbandry, catering, handicrafts, gardening, woodworking and now karate.

Young gloves donated £ 4,500 to provide outdoor gym space in the gym.

This is what the children of the club have grown up with in various activities such as Inter Club contests, BBQs, raffle and gifts.

Outdoor gym at the Lippget Center for the Disabled

Justin Thomas says: “It is very important for me to provide our own room for anyone to attend, regardless of physical or mental factors.

“We always see ourselves as an inclusive club, with many students past and present, teaching, promoting sports for everyone and showing interest in everyone in our community.

“Not only do we teach martial arts but we also teach caring for others and we regularly visit and support other charities and events such as blind karate and the brain tumor at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.”

Redditch promoter Justin Thomas (left) at the Lipget Activity Center Justin Thomas (left) at the Lipget Activity Center

“I see this as a big step towards inclusion in the sport and my goal is to promote this not only in youth gloves but also in other organizations so that there are no obstacles in the sport.

“Everyone should be given health and fitness benefits. I was not proud of what the club was offering to its members with Lipgett and seeing all the smiles and smiles on their faces makes it all worthwhile.”

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