Kedio – 19 New Infections Monday | Paradise Island

Leehu: The county confirmed 263 new COVID-19 infections last week, Lauren Guest reported Monday.

“This is the highest total in Kawai since the outbreak,” said the guest.

Nineteen of those arrested were 18 residents and one Gob itor on Monday.

Two of these new cases are children and 17 are adults. Two of the issues are related to ground travel. The remaining 17 cases are considered community-based. Eight of the community-acquired infections are related to the aforementioned cases or are related to one of our active clusters, the county said. The remaining nine community cases, including one that investigators could not find or refused to provide information after repeated attempts, did not contain any source of infection.

On Saturday, despite bringing in new temporary staff and using Hawaii’s national security, Kedio reportedly had contact contact.

“Recently, a handful of people have been verbally or physically abusive to health care workers,” said Mayor Derek Kawakami. “Many people are grateful for the information when they call to say that they are closely linked to the issue and that they should be isolated so as not to pollute our community. But only a few percent respond by swearing, calling, and refusing to cooperate.

Kawakami identified eight active groups on the island: two social gatherings, two places of worship, one shelter, a Kawai Community Correctional Center, and a professional cluster within a construction-industry company.

The county currently has 294 active cases, five of which are hospitalized. To date, the district has counted 1,380 cases.

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