Kenneth L. ‘Ken’ Dart

July 15, 1959 – August 7, 2021

Kenneth El Darth, beloved son, brother, husband, father and friend Saturday, August 62 A.D. Fall of 1998 at the Fred Hutkinson Cancer Center in Seattle, Washington. Babiesch Ken, of Illinois, has donated an additional 25 years to the bone marrow.

Ken was born on July 15, 1959, in Spokane, Washington. He was adopted on July 31, 1959, by loving parents Elwood G. and Betty May Dart. Ken attended Washington State School at Washington State University and attended B.S. Gardening. Ken spent 39 years working in the agricultural industry, working in horticulture. For many years, Ken was the national technical and marketing manager for Agro-K until his death. While Ken was employed by Dupont in Montana, he met and married Lewista, Cheryl Tresch in Montana. Ken liked to use his knowledge of plants in his own garden. Many thanks to the green grass and overgrown with flowers and lots of plants. In October 2002, Ken and Cheryl received their most precious gift, their son Thomas Kenneth Yoon Ho Darth. Ken TK loved to see him grow up and become an experienced musician. TK was proud to attend the Washington State University and continue his music studies on violin and pre-medal.

Ken died before his father, Elwood G. Dart. He is survived by his wife Cheryl Darth and his son TK Darth, both of Salem, Oregon; Mother Betty May Dart from East Wencheche, Washington; Sister Denise (Chris) Goethe from East Wencheche, Washington; Niece Bryant Gotz of Wencheche, Washington; Niece Natalie (Kenny) Johnson Seattle, Washington; Brothers-in-law Dan (Lean) Trash of Richland, Washington and Vancouver, Ted (Hada) Trash Washington; Haley and Kristen Tresch, sisters of Vancouver, Washington; And sister-in-law Sarah (Dave) Lenner of Colorado Springs, Colorado, as well as many wonderful aunts, uncles, and cousins ‚Äč‚Äčliving in the Winchester Valley, Wisconsin, and throughout the United States.

Ken Method Celebration at the United Methodist Church, 3799 Fairviv Canyon Road, Monitor, Washington, Wednesday, August 18, at 10:00 a.m. Grayside Service will be followed by a live celebration at Peshasin Cemetery, Peshaston, Washington. Commemorations may be held for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, PO Box 22324, New York, New York 10087, or Cancer Choice.

Helping the Family is the Golden Funeral Service of Charles, Oregon Virgil T.

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