Ketaka government aims to double farmers’ income – CM

Karnataka Prime Minister Basavaraj Bombay said on Wednesday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will set up two committees and a second directorate to meet the regional government’s efforts to double farmers’ incomes. The Karnataka government has set a deadline of 2023-24 to achieve this success by implementing the new changes and plans.

“Karnataka is very interested in this and wants to be the first to double the income of the farmers,” said Bombay.

He said the state has set up two committees, one involving farmers and the other with the help of agricultural universities.

A team led by Ashok Dalway, CEO of the National Rainwater Authority, and DFI (double the farmer’s income) and a team from the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, CM Bommai, and other regional cabinet ministers;

Explains the center’s strategy to double the farmer’s income.

Farmers in the state are recovering from the Covenant-19 epidemic and adverse weather conditions, fluctuations between droughts and floods, declining commodity prices, and other factors that have negatively affected the income of the agricultural community. In the region and in other parts of the country.

According to Bombay, a second directorate will be set up to support agriculture efforts, including agriculture, fruits and vegetables, agriculture, fisheries, dairy and livestock.

He said the secondary directorate will assist in the marketing and sales of agro-based products and value.

The Prime Minister of Karnataka, Bombay, met with Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tom in New Delhi this afternoon.

The prime minister’s grand DFI plans have been widely criticized as they continue to oppose controversial farming laws in northern India and many Karnataka farmers.

In Karnataka, farmers and political opponents say they have not received government assistance for floods, droughts or damaged property.

Kodilili Chandrascar, president of Karnataka Raja Raya Sanga, said on Wednesday that he would travel to all parts of the region to discuss and understand farmers’ problems and pass them on to the government.

“If the government does not succeed, we will go to the polls,” he said.

Chandrashekar said he had asked the prime minister to talk to farmers about the issue, but that he seemed to be in a festive mood after taking over.

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