Kila Ross volunteered to join Razerbox as an assistant coach

2012 Olympic gold medalist and 11-time UCLA American Killa Ross has joined Arkansas Gymnastics as volunteer coaches, head coach Jordin Weber said Friday.

Following his historic career as a student-athlete, Ross comes to Arkansas as a first-team assistant coach for the Bruins.

I am so excited to continue my coaching career at the University of Arkansas! Thanks to Jordin Weber and Razerbach Athletics for this wonderful opportunity. I look forward to being part of such an inspiring coaching team. ” Thanks to UCLA Athletics for an amazing college experience. I can’t wait to bring that feeling to Fayetteville! ”

Ross and Weber have a rich history of winning the gold medal in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

The two spent several years together at UCLA, with Weberm serving as team manager and volunteer assistant coach, and Ross competed in the team from 2016 to 2019.

“I could not be happier if Kila joined our coaching staff. She knows firsthand what it takes to train and compete at a high level. We have lived side by side in many walks of life; On the Olympic team and then at UCLA as a coach and student-athlete. ” “Kila is not only an amazing athlete, she is also an incredible person and leader. Wherever she goes, she makes people around her better, which is why she is perfect for this Razorbach coach.

After completing her undergraduate degree in molecular, cell and developmental biology, she will serve as an assistant coach at UCLA for the 2020-21 season. She helped lead the Brunei to the regional finals, and six gymnasts received the All-Pack-12 award.

Before embarking on her coaching career, Ross strengthened herself as one of the most successful gymnasts in NCAA history – from college in Arkansas in 2017 until her final meeting in 2020. Career (built in 2020 due to the CVD-19 epidemic) In each event, she became the first female athlete to hold the Olympics, world and NCAA titles at the UCLA team. She is a two-time PA-12, unbalanced bar and team champion, and has won the 2017 and 2019 Pa-12 Rays and Floor titles respectively.

Ross raised 22 perfect 10 in her college career, including 22 gymnastics – 10 in each event. Jim Salam is one of 11 gymnasts to achieve, and is the first to record two in the same year (2019). Her 11 unbalanced bars are the best in the NCAA, and she holds the record for most consecutive meetings (10 in 2019) and most at one time (14 in 2019).

Ross is the recipient of the 2020 Honda Sports Award for the best female college athlete in her sport. It was named Pa-12 Gymnastics of the Year in 2019 and 2020.

In addition to Ross, each Arkansas coaching staff member is a former national team member (Weber, assistant coach Chris Brooks and assistant coach Felicia Hano), three world team members and Olympians (Ross, Weber and Brooks), and two Olympic gold medalists (Ross and Weiber) ) they are.


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