Koala corridors, garden fences to protect species from urban sprawl

Kowala corridors above or below the road, traffic safety measures and fences around pools and gardens are among the 31 recommendations approved by the NSW government to protect the people of Kowala in southwest Sydney.

A report released Thursday by NSW Chief Scientist and Engineering Panel confirms that Kowala residences need to be sustained, enhanced and renewed by improved forest fires, disease and pest control efforts, and that future development projects will reduce the damage to Kowala.

The Kowala government in western Sydney is expected to receive 31 recommendations and will be better protected.CreditJenny Barrett

It also urges Koalas to operate peacefully in areas where infrastructure is being disrupted and to build tunnels or overpasses to monitor Marspian health.

The report aims to reduce the impact on biodiversity development in southwest Sydney, which is projected to grow by 760,000 over the next 40 years.

According to Environment Minister Matt Kin, one of the main threats to the people of Kowala in the wild is the destruction and division of their habitat.

“Southwest Sydney is the only disease-free population of the Kolala people in the Sydney Basin and is one of the most important Koala people anywhere in the state,” Mr Kin said.

“As this part of Sydney grows, these recommendations will lead to future growth in the region and ensure that Kowala residences and wildlife corridors are sustainable.”

The panel noted that the report is unique to the local people of Kowala and that there are many other biodiversity and cultural issues.

Nearly 20 NSW wildlife groups on Tuesday wrote a letter to Premier Dominic Perot and Mr Kin demanding strong rules to protect Koala, a 170,000-hectare national park west of Sydney.

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