Kostoco wants to restrict the purchase limit on certain items

We can all agree that there is a shortage of goods all over the country. Due to the shortage, many stores have introduced new rules that only customers can buy limited toilet paper, water bottles, sanitizers, and more when the outbreak begins.

This rule seems to be back in Costa Rica.

Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, Costa will impose restrictions on many items.

This is not good for large families.

The good news is that in your area, there may not be a cost-effective regulation. “Some warehouses may have temporary item restrictions on selected items,” states the Cococo website (COVID-19).

That can help you and your family.

Cosco’s website does not specify which items will have a limited purchase.

A few weeks ago I was in Lawrenceville Costco and there was no water at all. When I asked the worker if he knew he would receive a water load soon, he said he had no idea.

I think that Costco in Lawrenceville did not have water because of the Covenant issue.

According to WPTV, Costco’s website is limited to 1 pack of towels and toilet paper per customer.

Hopefully, this is something that happens online, not in stores.

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