Kovid-19 grants will open for special crop farmers on September 1st

Indianapolis (August 10, 2021) – Beginning September 1, the Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISAD) is seeking funding from the Indiana Special Crop Industry Project to receive funding from the United States Department of Agriculture (USAID) Special Crop Block Grant Program. This special round of funding is provided by Congress Covide-19. Eligible projects should provide industrial relief to the COVID-19 effect and enhance the competitiveness of the unique crops described in Indiana as fruit, vegetables, nuts, vegetables and seedlings.

“This extra financial support for the USDR crop farmers from the USDA is amazing,” said Letty Gov Susan Crunch. I look forward to research, market growth, education and training, and how this industry can better reduce COVID-19 hazards.

The USDA Special Crop Block Grant Program annually provides federal funding to state agricultural departments to support their unique crop industry. USDA has allocated an additional $ 644,100 to Indiana this year.

Applicants may include non-profit, non-profit organizations, governments and public or private colleges and universities. Special attention will be given to local non-profit and non-profit cultural organizations and governments. It does not provide funding for projects that use a specific product or for a company, institution or individual.

Projects must identify how to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the specific crop industry and at least one measurable effect of the project to increase competitiveness for qualified special crops. Applicants are encouraged to develop projects that focus on issues such as food security, pest and disease control, increased organic production practices and sustainable growth strategies, and the development of local and regional food systems. Additional scores will be awarded for projects for beginners and socially disadvantaged farmers.

ISDA funding prioritizes three main areas:

  • Financial Support Area I – Market Improvement
  • Financial support environment – access, education and training
  • Funding Area III – Research

“Indiana’s special crop sector is significant for our agricultural industry and this additional funding is a great opportunity for specialized crop growers,” said ISDA Director Bruce Ketler. I encourage anyone who is interested to take advantage of this generous opportunity.

Applications open September 1, 2021, and close on October 7, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. Proposals must be submitted online through the Indiana State Aid Management System.

Click here for more information and the request. For a full list of eligible special crops, please click here.

The Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISAD) was established by the legislature in 2005 as a separate state agency. Administratively, ISDA reports to Susan Crunch, Chair of Indiana Agriculture and Rural Development. Major responsibilities include local, state and federal advocacy for Indiana agronomists, administering soil conservation programs, promoting economic development and agricultural innovation, serving as a supervisor for agricultural businesses, and licensing grain companies throughout the state.


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