Kuamaka College celebrates cutting ribbon intricate ornamental garden

Source: Grossmont-Cuyamaca Communnity College District

December 4, 2021 (El Kayon) – Like the Miracle-Gro to Indoor Plant, Kuamaka College Extended Jewelry Horticultural Complex is expected to promote the campus flag program.

Friday Ribbon celebrated $ 19.4 million in renovation, doubling its indoor and outdoor classrooms and facilities, construction sites, and a state-of-the-art greenhouse for the College Ornamental Fruit Program. In addition, a new building has been added to the retail store with office and meeting rooms.

“We are proud of our star graduates who are ready to work in our region and beyond,” said Julia Barnes, president of the college, who gathered for the 80-day event. “These facilities help our students work in classrooms and in outdoor environments that resemble the professional world.”

A.D. Launched in August 2019, the project is supported by Prop. The $ 398 million construction package, released by East County Voters in 2012, aims to improve and expand facilities to meet student needs at Kuamaka and Grossmont Colleges.

“We cannot adequately thank Eastern County taxpayers for realizing this vision,” said Chancellor Lynn Neault. “We arrived here today with their support. We are creating future opportunities for our students.

Brad Monroe, a founding member of the College and a long-time member of the Horticultural Horticulture Program, spoke at the event until his retirement in 2012.

“This is the end of a long process,” he said. “I have spent the last 42 years on this program, and in retirement, I had to spend time with colleagues working on this new complex design. A wonderful architecture team really listened to the group of individuals who use the facility. You have merged almost all of the suggestions with T.

Monro said he is confident that with the support of the Rice Family Foundation, which has donated $ 1 million to Grossmont and Kuyamaka Colleges, and other key supporters of the Kuamaka cornerstone program, the OH Complex will improve in the future. .

“We will continue to work to raise funds for the sale of nursery rugs and to increase the distribution and breeding grounds at the other end of the greenhouse,” he said. “We did not pass. here we go. We Will Not Stop ”

A.D. Launched in 1980, the Kuamaka OH program is a two-year program that offers nine degrees and certifications in architecture, flower design, golf courses, and sports grass administration. Irrigation technology; Landscape design; Landscape technology; Kindergarten technology; Sustainable urban landscapes; And a basic ornamental garden.

With the renovation, the students of the program have modern facilities and advanced technology, pan-tilt (PTZ) camera systems and dozens of large video screens throughout the complex. The project included the construction and renovation of a building laboratory to accommodate a design laboratory, and a laboratory prep room at one end and a large room at the other. Key additions include a very important storage space, as well as adequate cooling for storing flowers and small arrangements created in the flower design program.

The new greenhouse and retail space is expected to be a great incentive for the program’s retail kindergarten. Receives from the Kindergarten Sales Fund Scholarship and pays for classroom trips. About 30,000 plants, vegetables, herbs, California native plants, numerous annual and perennial flowering plants, as well as trees and shrubs, are sold each year.

Other Prop V projects

The district’s major ProV projects under construction include the Student Services and Administration Building at Kuamaka College and the Science, Math and Work Tech Complex at Grosmont College.

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