Kunda Pr – The Success Story of Mushroom Farmer Tamagya Nika

Silvester D’Souza

Digital Media Network – Kunda Pr (MS)

Kunda Pr, August 26: The village of taluk Amasebail is always in mind for a variety of innovations. Although it is far away, there is no famine in this village for adventurers. Kelasuka resident and progressive farmer Temahiya Nika opened a mushroom factory and was successful.

Chetan Kumar, an agricultural officer at the Siri Kshara Daharmastalla Rural Development Project, is interested in mushroom farming. Tamia immediately contacted the fruit and vegetable department. They also provided much guidance and information. He also assisted in the Farmers’ Association Prep Chandra TT, Sanjeyeva Nika and Madukukar in the Department of Fruit and Vegetation.

The mushroom production unit was built at a price of 20 rupees. In the dark room where the air conditioning is controlled, boilers and other facilities are also built to join the mushroom chain, cook grass, and control the temperature. Amasabeel Agricultural Cooperative Association has provided a loan of 15 Birr. The Department of Horticulture provided training and seed at their center in Shivamoga. Finally, two months ago, a mushroom production unit began operating in Calsanka.

Tamia now earns about 10 pounds[10 kg]of mushrooms a day. That is sold in the domestic market for 200 rubles per kg. The goal is to produce 25 pounds[25 kg]of mushrooms a day. But in order to achieve that goal quality, it must be good as a foundation.

Technical, sensitivity and scientific knowledge are very important in growing mushrooms. He is making a mushroom-like mushroom. The seeds should be stored at a temperature of 24 ° C for 24 days and then the bag should be stored in a room at 28 ° C. Enter that room. Hands and feet need to be cleansed with soapy oil when entering a person. If a fungus grows in a mushroom field, the whole crop will be destroyed.

Tamia is a model for other farmers in mushroom farming. Available on mobile 9483408412.

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