Kuyamaka College showcases its new jewelry jewelry complex

Kuamaka College Ornamental Horticulture Program now has qualified construction and classroom upgrades suitable for practical natural science research focused on growing and caring for plants.

Last week, Rancho Sandio School officially announced the completion and opening of its ornamental plant, marking a new chapter in one of the campus’s major programs.

The $ 19.4 million project renovated indoor and outdoor units and facilities, doubled the square footage of building spaces, and added a state-of-the-art and state-of-the-art greenhouse. Kindergarten retail store, separate building with office and meeting rooms added.

During the renovation, students will have facilities and advanced technology, including pan / tilt / zoom camera systems and dozens of large video screens.

The project will include the design and renovation of the school building to accommodate the design laboratory and laboratory prep room at one end and the larger room at the other. Other key additions include storage space and adequate storage for flowers and small arrangements created in the flower design program.

This is good news for teachers like Diane Citrowske, who has been teaching flower design in Kuamaka since 2002.

“The renovation and the new construction are coming a long way, but it is important to wait,” Citrowske said. “One of the things that amazes me the most is the spacious flower-controlled refrigerator for our new flowers and leaves.”

The new greenhouse at Cuyamaca College is set to use better sunlight.

(Karen Perlman / Sandio Union-Tribune)

The project, launched in August 2019, was funded by Proposition V to upgrade facilities at Kuamaka and Grossmont Colleges, a $ 398 million project funded by East County Voters in 2012.

“This project is a great milestone for the campus,” said Julia Barnes, president of Kuamaka. “Ornamental gardening has a long history in our college and the students are especially excited about updating facilities and building a new greenhouse.”

The refurbished classrooms were part of the renovation of the Kuyamaka College Jewelry Horticulture Complex.

The refurbished classrooms were part of the renovation of the Kuyamaka College Jewelry Horticulture Complex.

(Karen Perlman / Sandio Union-Tribune)

Trisia Deli started in the Department of Vegetable Education in 1996 and graduated in 2002 with a degree in landscape design, nursery technology, landscape technology and irrigation technology.

She returned to Kuyamaka to continue her studies in floral design and landscape architecture.

“His return to Kuyamaka College was very special, especially when the newly renovated garden was opened,” Deli said. Ever since I was a full-time student, “an impressive number of quality and quality classes have been added to the program.

Larry McLeamor, Dean of Vocational and Technical Education, said the new technology “will make learning and teaching more engaging and give students an experience that reflects the industry.”

McLemore said the old greenhouse was out of order and that it was more east-west than north-south – and the latter was more beneficial to the sun. The new greenhouse has environmental control features and a centralized computer-assisted irrigation system to improve plant life to better measure water usage and forecasting needs.

According to John Thomas, Coordinator of Organic Fruits and Vegetables, the new greenhouse and retail space will be a great incentive for the program’s retail. Receives from the Kindergarten Sales Fund Scholarship and pays for classroom trips. About 30,000 plants, vegetables, herbs, California native plants, numerous annual and perennial flowering plants, as well as trees and shrubs, are sold each year.

Kuamaka College is located on El Range 900 Rancho San Diego Parkway.

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