Lachat gives vegetables

September 3, 2021 | By Ted Craft

This week, Lachhat City’s farm, which has harvested 225 pounds of vegetables and eggs, has reached a milestone: 3,000 pounds of nutritious food for neighbors who are suffering from food insecurity in just one pound.

The garden was created by a longtime Lachat volunteer, Terry Cho, on an unused floor near the Lachat Community Garden. She then became a dedicated volunteer at Christina Cotter, and the two set out to grow the gift garden into a small farm.

Along the way, several other Weston residents settled in to build the garden and install an irrigation system. The fundraising campaign, with full meals and the Weston Progress Fund and a large number of individual donations, has made significant contributions to the City of Permanent Dollars.

Residents continue to lay eggs for the weekly gathering, and many make regular donations. The money is used to buy produce from local farms to increase the mix, so everyone wins.

Weston’s food warehouse is a priority for weekly food donations. And now, by producing a lot of produce, the yard garden is man-to-person, supporting Drian Chapter, 501 (c) (3) in Lower Fairfield County, helping more than 27,000 people in need of food, clothing, and shelter. Needs and financial support.

Volunteers work with individual and individual volunteers to make the gift garden more productive.

Many types of vegetables grow in the gardener’s garden

Terry Cho (left) and Christina Coter

Sunflower seeds will soon be on the menu

Fortunately, these will be blueberries

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