Ladak gets 36 helipads by providing better communication – Lt. Gen. Arke Matur | Indian News – Indian Times

Ladak: Ladak is set to acquire a 36 helipad network to provide better connectivity to people living in remote areas of the Union territory.
This was revealed on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day by Lt. Gen. Arke Matur.
Commenting on the ongoing infrastructure development in all important sectors, Matur said, “The construction of 36 helipeded areas around Ladakk has been completed and will play a key role in providing better connectivity.”
Elaborating on the achievements of the Ladak administration, Matur said in his address, Ladak was the first UT in the country, praising the performance of the Department of Health in the ongoing struggle with Covid and expecting a reduction. 3.2 percent waste and more than 4.6 million tests are a reflection of the department’s honesty, transparency, diligence and efficiency.
He also said that the administration has launched a drive to increase immunity for people 18 years and under.
He noted that there have been a number of development initiatives in the past two years since the inception of the UT. And appreciates active participation in implementing PHIS programs and new initiatives.
He added that 1,700 elected representatives will play a key role in the development of Ladak.
Matur spoke of Ladak’s efforts to develop a renewable energy sector to achieve carbon neutrality, and said companies such as CEC, CSL, and ONC would soon launch their projects in Ladakh with various green projects in horticulture and agriculture. They started.
Highlighting the challenges posed by the epidemic in school education, LGN noted that the administration is working to improve telecommunications through Ladak, which is an important part of online education.
He added that the YouTube administration has recently banned 12,300 tablets for all public school students in grades 6-12.
Matur Ladak announced his acceptance of the CBSE Board and hoped that the decision would further improve Ladak’s education system.
Speaking to a variety of training modules for artists and entrepreneurs, Matur will benefit greatly from Ladak’s natural resources.
He assured first-generation entrepreneurs of possible support for the sector’s efforts.


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