Lady Jane is enjoying the sweet success of the Australian mango in Spain.

Mangoes grown in the Northern Territory are now being produced and sold in Spain.

Katherine-based mango breeder Ken Rainer officially launched Lady Jane Mango in 2013.

Only a handful of growers are now collecting this variety around Catherine and in far North Queensland – this beautiful mango is truly overseas.

“There are more commercial plants now. [of this mango variety] In Spain rather than in Australia, “said Richard Bylardt, a longtime friend of Mr Rainer’s.

“The first commercial crop was harvested in Spain this year and they are very pleased with this.

“You do not call it Lady Jane. It is being sold by the Iberian Fresh brand.”

Mangoes in Spain are sold under QR code, which allows consumers to scan and learn more about the difference.(Facebook: Ibéric Fresh)

According to Mr. Bailard, the mangoes are grown in defensive nets in the Alicante region of Spain.

“The beauty of growing mangoes in Spain is that they are basically harvested and sold within 24 hours, when mangoes are picked in Aki Catherine, but it takes four days to reach the customer.

Decades in operation

Ken Rainer recently celebrated his 90th birthday with Catherine.

He said it was great to see their mangoes being accepted in other countries.

“It took 20 years for the best part to get to this point [with Lady Jane mangoes],” he said.

“It was a long and hard slogan but in the end it was worth it.

Someone picking flowers from a tree with thyme
Mango breeder Ken Rayner in his garden near Katherine, NT.(Daniel Fesgerald)

After decades of hard work, Mr. Bailard deserved credit for coming.

“I think this is mango [Lady Jane] It is going to be raised all over the world. “

“These mangoes are being tested in South Africa with 14 species sent by Ken.

More than a dozen countries in the world, such as Brazil, Israel, Morocco, Egypt, and the United States, have registered PBR, recognized Ken’s only mango, and launched experiments.

Last year, Mr Rainer was awarded the OAM Medal of Australia for his service to fruits and vegetables and for cultivating new varieties of mangoes.


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