Land in Glasgow Woodside could be converted into new gardens, playgrounds and placements

Streets in Woodside are ready for a “thirst for power” renovation – with new gardens, playgrounds and placements.

The Queens Cross Housing Association has proposed plans to change land around North Woodward Road and St. George’s Road.

The ‘Working Places’ project connects Woodside – for a more active travel plan for the area, including safer cycle routes.

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The goal is to turn Woodside into a “climate-friendly, attractive and green infrastructure.”

“We will return the forests to Woodside,” says the applicant. “The project is a major, space-based renovation in the Glasgow Woods.

Woodside feels “isolated,” according to his plans. The area is cut off from the city center to the south on M8 Highway, and the intersection of several busy roads into the city center.

Parking on sidewalks “illuminates public places” and some playgrounds are “old-fashioned”.

According to the plan, it will “reduce the popularity of vehicles” and provide space for “tree planting, as well as extended sidewalks and cycle lanes”.

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Glasgow Times:

The existing Woodside community garden will be expanded with gardens and new layouts. Locked garages and retaining walls are being set up to create a “greener, more attractive” space in Tordon Court.

Shelter gardens are planned along the corner of St. George’s Road, and the kiosk, known as the “ugly little building,” will be renovated and will have a cafeteria with a seating table and outdoor seating.

The gardens are provided for play, fruit growing and rainwater harvesting on Cedar Street and Catherine Court, and the pedestrian and bicycle paths connect to the planned Wideside Route on St. George’s Road.

Private gardens and drying greens are provided for common apartment blocks.

Grovepark Street Park has playgrounds and playgrounds for toddlers and older children, and has “a cycle of cycling between trees.”

On North Woods Road, there will be a ‘quiet road’ with rain gardens — floor-to-ceiling landscaping beds — and a “cycle-friendly way.” “The goal is to make the area a beautiful forest green corridor, connecting roads at each end of the park to Winsor Teres and Merhill Road.

“The Windsor Terrace Garden is attractive and creates a beautiful link, including the planting of wildlife, and a playground. Windsor Street will have a garden, terrace and flower garden.

Road lighting will be improved on Raglan Road and parking will be “broken down with new tree planting to help manage rainwater.”

Brad Street, an orchard and orchard as well as a wide pedestrian / bicycle path are planned. The playground in Bread Square will be expanded and a fruit field west of the Glasgow Club will “provide seasonal fruit to residents.”

In Okgrov, a new playground, fitness centers and forests.

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