Lane Hunikut was named Warden by Alexander Correction

The Department of Adult Corrections and Juvenile Justice has named Ronnie “Lane” Huneikutt at the Alexander Prison in Taylorville.

Hunik has been the custodian of the Avery-Mitchell Prison in Spruce Pine since August 2020.

Prison Commissioner Todd Ishe said, “Wardon Hunikut is an experienced caretaker who can do things and work well.” He has now served there for ten years and is leading a well-known prison. ”

In his new location, Huneikutt is in charge of all operations at the Alexander Detention Center, a male detention center for special offenders with special security, physical and mental health needs.

The prison has a correctional facility that produces wood products and packaged furniture.

Employees of Katawaba Valley Community College conduct a training program to train criminals in the production process. College teachers teach offenders basic education, high school peer preparation, computer applications, business hygiene and fruit and vegetable technology.

Huneikut, a senior state government official, began his career in 1996 as a correctional officer at Calldwell Prison.

A.D. In 2003 he was promoted to sergeant and transferred to the Alexander Prison, becoming lieutenant colonel in 2010 and captain in 2012. Three years later, he became a co-founder of Caldwell Correction.

One of Huneycutt’s main issues is hiring and retaining high quality staff.

“We have jobs for people who are committed to serving the public, protecting their communities and caring for the men in our care,” he said. “These are critical jobs along with benefits.”

Hunikut is a veteran of the United States Navy Corps. He graduated from Lake Weir High School in Candler, Florida.

Graduated from DPS PEAK Performance Management and Administration Training, and received intermediate and advanced criminal justice certificates from the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Commission.

During his tenure as a consultant, he served as the leader of the Prison Emergency Response Team, the Prison Break Violence Law Manager, the Faculty of Information Officer, the Security Threat Team Captain, the Security Representative and the Head of the Security Audit Team.

He enjoys spending time with his family, as well as hunting, fishing, and the restoration of popular cars.

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