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Dobis, the UK’s premier horticultural retailer, has announced the winners of its “Your Vegetable Garden” awards for the first time.

Courtesy of gardeners, journalists and Dobis podcast host Louise Midley and Dobis horticulture director Marcus Isles has received a ኮከብ 250 ኮከብ gardening star award to spend on equipment at Lannerli’s garden and Swansea store. Also consult with one of the judges.

The awards show creativity, determination and a passion for gardening.

Kylie Walker, 45, of Lillanelli, went to great lengths to develop her skills as an amateur gardener and won the Dobis Best New Gardener 2021 Award.

Commenting on her garden in her first home, she changed her land and planted herself.

“I am thrilled to have won this year’s Dobis Best New Gardener Award. I will never give up on gardening until I have created my own garden to enjoy. I wanted to create an extension of my home, a place of life and spice, and I did not know that it would bring me much joy.

“With previous gardening experience and a small budget, I am pleased with how the project has been completed. I look forward to going to the Dobis Swansi store to use my gift card to find some new plants for this place.

Judge Louise Middly said: “Killie’s beautiful garden was taken from us. Without prior experience, she has been taken on a whole job and the result is easy to breathe.

“I like the contrast of white stones with black marble logs, which gives the garden the necessary meaning, and gives a great foil to the bright color palette of plants. Kylie is obviously thinking about everything here, and she really deserves to win.

Marcus Isles, director of fruit and vegetable development at Dobis, said: “We are thrilled to see our“ Average Garden ”awards for the first time, with so many enthusiastic gardeners participating. Judging by many arguments is not an easy task. It was heartwarming to see family and friends appointing one another, showing genuine community spirit.

“Congratulations to Kylie Lanlanli for taking home the new Gardener 2021 Award. Her hard work and passion for gardening may have gone unnoticed and I hope she enjoys helping her grow her green space by painting her prize in a Swansea store.

“It’s not your average garden.

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