Lani Bernard, also known as Lani Stark, has won the International Women of Excellence Award

Lani Bernard

Lani Bernard is a well-known Hawaiian philanthropist known as Lani Stark on stage

It is a great honor to receive this prestigious award. ”

– Lani Stark

San Francisco, California, USA, August 10, 2021 / -Lanny Stark, also known as Lani Bernard, is a renowned artist, inspirational speaker, producer and award-winning co-author. Leading people to positive change.

With degrees in geology, hypnotherapy, and ornamental gardening, her education helped her to succeed. As a young woman, she received extensive training in various fields of art.

Throughout her career, Lani has been able to lead businesses to success, work with internationally renowned artists, and inspire a large audience with words and music. With her talent, compassion and ability to lead people, she initiated projects to strengthen communities, especially women and children.

She is definitely a powerful and effective female leader in any endeavor to elect her. As a result, she won the Global Women’s Leadership Award. Women’s Information Network (WIN) gives this award to problem leaders using their influence and energy to create programs and events that will empower women and their families.

In addition to the International Women’s Leadership Award, Lani was recognized and appreciated for her contribution to the local community. She was awarded the Hawaiian Governorship for helping save her life and bringing her family to New Year’s Eve for drug and alcohol-free New Year’s Eve series. Surprisingly, 250,000 attendees gathered in Oahu and 7,000 joined the event in Mao.

As a philanthropist, she supports non-profit organizations that help children and young people in poor families. In the past, she has raised more than $ 5 million to help feed and educate organizations.

On one occasion, she co-sponsored a fundraising event with World Food Program. He received positive feedback from people, and therefore, by generating money for communication programs.

At the Hamakuwa Ecology Center, a non-profit organization where the former executive director was present, Lani Stark also led community outreach programs, organized concerts and festivals, and developed the curriculum.

She has also inspired many young people by organizing and coordinating workshops with major universities such as Cornell, Harvard and Stanford.

She has played a key role in building a 501c3 for-profit organization that seeks to lead people to positive change by inspiring and encouraging music and entertainment. The organization was led by poets such as New York Times bestselling writers Wayne Dyer and Dr. Harold Bloomfield and Grammy Award-winning professor Michael Narada Walden.

To this day, Lani continues to inspire people by serving her desire to serve and help communities. She is indeed a strong woman leader who fights to empower the weak or the people who want someone to be their voice.

Many people like her will be able to take the test and make this world a better place.

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