Larry Stogner was celebrated in his garden at Durham Sandy Creek Park

Durham, NC (WTV) – Hiding in Durham Sandy Creek Park is a new attraction for long-time ABC11 viewers. It is a place where people who watch Larry Stogner support the news on television can see it as a normal person and enjoy nature.

“When we found our puppies in 2006, they went out every day for 10 years,” said Bobby Stogner, her widow. “It was a great park for dogs, but it was also a great physical park. It was well cared for and people were allowed to walk. Non-muddy trails.”

Larry In 2016, ALS helped clear the park before taking his own life. Now, he knows his smile is on a sign that greets visitors as they walk through Larry Stogner History Park and Garden.

“This is a great honor for Larry,” said Rob Elmore, president and CEO of ABC11.

“If Larry had been here, he would have been crying with gratitude,” said Bobby Stogner.

Large-scale gardens are especially appreciated by Larry’s friends, family and supporters who came to Sandy Creek Park to celebrate the garden.

Dram Parks and Recreation Coach Wade Walcott said: “Mr. Stogner’s legacy reminds us all about the power of parks and the role they play in improving our overall health and well-being.

The organizers planned to set up and name a track in Larry’s name; But when that did not work out, they turned to Duram Parks and Recreation for a part of the park that could not be reached. Saturday’s graduation program says:

“We have raised over $ 15,000 from our friends, neighbors and other Larry friends. He has made significant donations to Larry’s friend and colleague at Disney / ABC.”

Additional financial support is available.

“Thanks to the generosity of our audience. So it was important for us to get the message across here, and it’s great to see it happen in the end,” Elmore said.
Bobby Stogner added: “Next to it is the ADA accessible park so that they can have a comfortable and safe place to relax outside. “A place where physical challenges find rest, where spiritual challenges find peace and stability.”

A friend of Stogner described the area as “a kind of garbage dump” before it was repaired. The change was appreciated by those who saw it during the garden’s inauguration.

“It was obviously a sewage plant,” said John Gobble, a fellow at Sandy Creek Park. “I say that because three years ago there was a big ugly tank where many of you are standing.”

That tank is now a memory, you can enjoy a lush day with lush vegetation, shrubs and other features that invite you to visit or sit on a bench in the garden.

Bobby Stogner: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Support for the Sandy Creek Park renovation came from Duram Beautiful, Duram Parks Foundation and many hours of volunteer work. The park is located in Durham on 3510 Sandy Creek Road.

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