Late summer bitter-flowering can work well in the native species garden

Ah, at the end of summer – hot and sticky, soft, fragrant mornings, storms that darken the sky in the afternoon, watering our gardens, and bringing in the evening katydids and cicadas. For sun protection and bug fixes, and for more fresh produce, ice tea, ice cones, lemons and sunscreen.

Probably the last visit to the beach. Although everything must end, and there are signs that he is fleeing in the summer. Before it leaves, we can still enjoy some summer-summer flowers.

Lake Jackson;From Lake to Plain – Time to deal with the disappearing waters of Lake Jackson, alternatives

VegetablesThree sisters with squirrels – the inconsistency in the garden is not beautiful

“Bitter Flower,” “Rose-Gentleman”, Sabatia angularis It is one of the 20 most closely related species in the genetics family, growing up in Canada, East America, and the western Caribbean. They include both annual and annual species, all with opposite leaves.

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