Laurel Garden Club keeps Euclid Park in bloom

Laurel, m.

The team relies on the help of the city and the support of professional veterans and local nurseries to make them happy and inviting to the public.

Laurel Garden Club members, with the help of Bloomis and the bushes, have been busy over the past few weeks cutting down the fences, cutting down trees and weeding out the garden.

The city provided manpower by sending workers to remove debris and debris from the road.

Weeds, poisons and other grapes and invading species often fill up in the parks, making the environment unattractive, unattractive and unhealthy.

Mary Ella Johnson, president of Laurel Garden Club, was grateful for the support she received.

“We are so grateful for Laurel City’s help and the support of the local Blues and Bush Kindergarten,” Johnson said. Not all of us in the garden club members can do this, because we are not all spring chickens.

“We are grateful that the city has helped us, and we can call your local nursing home to help,” Johnson added.

There are three municipal parks, often called “pearl strings.” These parks add to the beauty of the city.

A.D. In 2022, garden clubs across the country will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the famous Frederick Law Olympus, designing many famous city parks. He is considered the founder of American landscape architecture.

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