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This may be my favorite time on the farm. Mothers and cows are happily feeding their young in the pastures after the much-needed rain. Brand name and spring vaccines are behind us. And breeding has decreased – at least for two weeks.

I think it was the right time to visit my daughter in New Mexico. She is a native of New Mexico and works on one of New Mexico’s most treasured properties – the Los Poblanos Historic In and Organic Lavender Farm in the Albuquerque, Rio Grande Valley.

For those who love the scent and beauty of lavender, this place is magical. I met Weiss, the fruit and vegetable director at “Farm”, and asked him for advice on raising Lavender.

“Lavender wants three things,” he said. “Bad soil (like sand, well-drained), not much sun and not much water. If he dies, it is not your fault. Lavender is very weak.

It looks like a plant.

Some studies show that oral Lavender oil products may be helpful in reducing anxiety, according to the National Center for Supplemental and Integrated Health. However, the study was limited, and no conclusions were reached as to its effectiveness.

However, during our stay we have found many reasons to enjoy this popular plant and its products. Lavender tea and spa technicians use the oil to soothe our spirits during spa treatment. And our beautiful Adobe-style room is filled with lavender baths and lotions. Later, I learned that the word lavender comes from the Latin word lavare, which means “to wash.”

As we toured the venue before dinner, we certainly did not underestimate the plant yield we received after taking Lavender 99 – the farm’s signature cocktail, named after Armin Rembe, the owner of the first lavender crop year. (His wife, Penny, still lives on the property.)

The next morning, as we looked at the products in the company’s grocery store, we had a lavender latte. And I have not found any specific health benefits associated with Lavender Coffee, there is good information, moderate coffee drinkers are less likely to die for any reason than non-drinkers.

But I do not recommend that you bring a bottle of Lavender oil into your home. After asking and asking about what was in my bag, the TSA agent in Albuquerque informed me that I would like to return my bag and return it.

After two safety screens, I made my flight home, Lavender safe, and not without remembering a wonderful experience. Thanks, Miss Penny, Kim and Sarah for making an unforgettable farm experience at LP!

Barbara Intermil is a registered dietitian and integrated columnist. She is the author of Quinn: Essential Nutrition, the Complex Eating Science. Email her [email protected]

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