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Carlloton (Kimzu) – To begin with MU Extension Garden Municipality, Pat Guinness has reviewed the rainfall over the past week.

Guinea predicts temperatures until September, although some isolated hurricanes could be expected in some parts of the state next week.

The coming warming in the Gulf means that some heavy rainfall could affect the state.

The city council is shifting its focus to the harvest and gardening. Horticulture Specialist Tamra Real will step up the process of planting a successful fall garden. Step One – Find out when your first snow day is.

Real suggests what plants should be planted in the spring garden.

While tomatoes are being harvested, some gardeners are wondering why some of their produce is cracked. MU Professor David Trilelin discusses fruit slicing.

Trinklein explains how to manage fruit slices.

For the final theme of the day’s harvest, Kelly talks about collecting one of her favorite flowers – sunflowers.

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