Learn how to start a pollen garden in Pelps County

Pelps County Master Gardeners offer free tutoring to locals who want to learn how to start a pollen garden led by Christen McTinstein.

According to Macintosh, pollen is essential for survival and food security.

The room covers the garden to attract pollen, the garden, the plant choices and the best planting techniques. Students will receive a manuscript and a free pollen plant.

“If everyone had a few feet of pollen in their courtyards, we could develop a dining corridor so that the kings would have enough energy to survive the winter in Florida and Mexico,” McKinere said.

A Monarch Butterfly September 7, 2021 Celebrations in the Golden Plains at Buckland Park in Brighton.

“In the fall and winter, the roots have time to grow, and then they like spring rains, so they bloom,” McKinette added.

It is advisable to plant local wildflowers in your area between October and January, as many local seeds need to be cooled and thawed in the winter to open the outer seedbed to grow.

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