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Talking about garden tools from Master Gardener and Active PlantAminist Volunteer Kit Decker, Green Finger Garden Tips on “Tool Talk – Caring for Gardening Equipment” Thursday, December 9, at 1 p.m.

Join at tinyurl.com/GTdekker 253-215-8782 (Meeting ID 953 7847 5958, Passcode 145778).

Dekker shares his choices on which quality equipment to buy, what products to use for sterilization and lubrication and how to prolong their life and save money in the process. Advises participants on how to keep their equipment sharp and clean and store them during the winter to be ready for work in the spring.

“Autumn is a good time to innovate, clean and replace some old parts, including wooden handles,” says Dekker.

Decker has been involved in horticulture for over 45 years. For the past 30 years, his work has focused on the general care of residential areas in the Pacific Northwest. He graduated from the 2017 Clam County Master’s Garden Unit and was named Practitioner of the Year.

Decker served as board president of the Clam County Master Gardener Foundation. Contributes to the community by teaching classes and giving lectures to promote the best practices for successful, sustainable gardening.

Sponsored by WSU Clam County Master Gardeners, Green Thumb Horticulture Tips Series invites home gardeners in Clam County to study sustainable gardening practices.

The series airs monthly until October (November, December and January 1) and broadcasts will be broadcast at 1pm on the second and fourth Thursday. Scheduled presentations may change. Visit the WSU Extension Clam County Calendar (extension.wsu.edu/clallam) for the latest updates on the latest presentations.

Call 360-565-2679 for more information.

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