Learn to Grow Sustainably – Workshop with Gardeners and Landscape Designer Jack Wallington

What does it mean to grow permanently? Are all green efforts really beneficial to the planet to some extent? Of course, how, what and where to plant can make a big difference in the local ecosystem, but it can be very difficult to know where to get your information and get started.

If you have your own space – be it a window, an porch, a placement or a country garden – this is the main room Jack Wellington, Gardener, Landscape Designer and Wild Weed Author, Destroys Permanent Garden. With an emphasis on renewable growth, you will learn how to grow plants and what not to do, how to adapt to natural environments, and how to set up your green space for green ecosystems.

They are also careful about the homes you can create – including edible forest gardens – and are encouraged to focus on your surroundings. Whether sustainability is something you care deeply about, or are still a new concept to you, this master class will give you the knowledge and motivation to stick to nature.

Course content

  • Jack’s Garden Journey – From a small town garden and town placement, to a small renovated area

  • Growing up – more than organic

  • Functions of green gardens and do not

  • Practical gardening, choosing the right fertilizer and reducing plastic, how to make your own fertilizer, and the pros and cons of power tools

  • Understanding natural environments

  • Major parts of plant communities

  • Building a garden for ecologists

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Teacher Profile

Jack Wellington He worked in the creative industries for 20 years before retraining at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh to become a gardener and landscape designer. Writing, wisdom, and nature have always come to Him in nature, and all of these point to His new work. He is the author of the 2019 Times Vegetable Book on Weeds.

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day : Tuesday, February 22, 2022
6.30 pm-9pm (GMT)
Price: £ 49 (plus 2.48 reservation fee)

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6.30 pm GMT | 7:30 p.m. | 10.30am PT | 1:30 p.m.

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