Let’s Save Strays International For Sale, June 4 – New Zealand News

This plant is for sale in our home and many are planted to help you decide what you want. I will have shade and sun plants, trees and shrubs dug out of my yard, as well as annuals and plants sold in small pots.

We will have jewelry, textiles, clothing, art, furniture from the countries I traveled to for sale !!!

Marie Chipo, owner of EcoPlant Plans, ecoplantplans.com, is giving an amazing lesson on sustainable gardening practices with native plants. Here is the online registration link

Marie Chipo is a native botanist and gardener who works with nature to create beautiful landscapes that are highly functional for living things. For 23 years, it has grown thousands of indigenous plants in residential, commercial and public areas.

Marie holds a Master of Public Health degree, which led her to become the Editor-in-Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine. Realizing that she wanted to be outdoors, she became a major gardener in 1999.

For the next 19 years, EcoPlantPlans, LLC, and her talented women, designed, installed, and maintained beautiful gardens and landscapes. After earning a Certificate in Native Plant Design and Vegetation Development, she joined the Native Plant Trust, the Sustainability Committee of the Professional Landscape Designers Association, and worked as a landscape designer through the Garden Federation. Most recently, she became an accredited organic land conservationist even though the Northeast Organic Farmers Association (NOFA) is an organic land conservation program.

All proceeds will benefit from my new charity, Lets Save the Strays International, which focuses on spay neuter vaccination programs in non-protected countries.

Buy until it downloads and save all life at once !!!!

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