Letters: The importance of a school garden; Santa is jumping on Australia.

The importance of a school garden

Thanks to Theresa Farney, November 30, for helping to disseminate information about the importance of school gardening and opportunities. Studies have shown that in elementary schools, students have a taste for fresh fruits and vegetables and put them on a healthy lifestyle.

A Great Opportunity for Teachers and Parents Arriving in Denver April 22-25, National School Garden Conference on How to Raise Healthy Kids, Participating Students, Local Administrators, and Strong and Healthy Youth.

Colorado Springs lags behind Denver and many other schools and community backyards in Denver and other suburbs. Two great examples in the area are football and mountain music in District 20, Charter School to the west. More information on the conference can be found at schoolgardensumnmit.org

Another option is to add a school or school / community garden in the panorama park, but the idea of ​​supporting all public meetings is not included in the final design.

Judith Rice-Jones

Colorado Sources

Santa is jumping on Australia.

Can someone please explain why the US Postal Service has stopped shipping to Australia?

As we have done for over ten years, I sent a small Christmas box to my dear friends in Australia.

Since the post office did not send it to Australia, it would cost $ 400 to send this relatively small Christmas box via Fed Ex or DHL.

Santa will not be delivering to Perth until the post office has adjusted its service to Australia.

Annie Vallads

Lame Creek

Two points are missing.

Sunday view was great. The Conclusion Misses Two Points Covenant Hospitals include vaxxed and unvaxxed, and the best way to reduce them is by using effective treatments such as monoclonal antibodies recently approved by the regime.

Issues of concern are only when patients are prevented from doing what they are treated by politicians, especially without being hospitalized.

Donna Brosmer


Crying for racism is not a cure.

Michel Malkin (Asians) commented on the attack on black Asians. Our boldness hurts to read the causes of violent criminals, but it is true. Blacks make up only 13% of the population, but according to the Justice Department, 52% contribute to murder. According to the FBI, 38.5% of violent crimes are committed by blacks. The proportion of black unmarried mothers is 72% and 22% for whites.

Racism is not a cure for crying; Of course, some racism is American. All nations and nationalities are to blame for this shameful, disgraceful act against our people. However, playing card games on a regular basis can lead to the loss of racism.

The United States will continue to oppose racial segregation until blacks begin to take greater responsibility for their crime, encourage men to work harder than men, and focus on unity rather than discrimination.

Men and women of all races, we can do better.

Finally, to the discerning reader, Dr. Erwin Luzer strongly recommends “We Are Not Silent.”

Bill Craw


Where does the money come from?

What do I lack here? Taxes on beer, wine and beverages have increased. Sales of marijuana increased tax revenue. Read the article Sports Betting. At the same time, there is still a shortage of manpower for businesses, and housing assistance has been raised. Requests for food banks and warehouses are missing, utility assistance requests are still pending, and school bag requests have been raised.

On the other hand, charitable contributions are low. The dollars seem to be for drinks, dops, and bets, but they are not realities in life. Suppose I miss something.

By the way, where did the dollars for Abo, Dope, bet come from?

Paul Lachs

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