Lewis Farmers will be on the market on August 14 to watch butterfly gardens

The historic Lewis Farmers Market will be open from 8 a.m. to noon, Saturday, August 14, at George HP Smith Park, Johnson and Dupont Roads in Lewis. In bad weather, the market will move to Sussex Drive and Savana Street to the Shields Elementary School parking lot.

This week’s marketers are thrilled to be part of a larger nonprofit testing partner. At 10:00 am, the butterflies are in the middle of the display booths. Award-winning Louis Warren Goldde, founder and gardener in Bloom, talks about creating a butterfly garden and shows examples of many flowers. He helps Julie Kalahan, an LIB member who discusses plants for butterfly hosts.

Kalahan and LIB member John Rocker explain the life cycle of butterflies as they grow. Butterflies discuss the serious public problems they are facing today and what Luis in the Blues is doing to create butterfly awareness. CIB Demeidio, LIB membership chairman, explains the benefits of being a member of Flower. As the final installment of the program, the anointed lady and monarch butterflies will be released live.

On August 7 at the Tomato Festival, Tomato, the biggest tomato in the market competition, weighs 2.4 pounds, the winner of the Stag Rung Farm, Virginia’s heir apparent, Lennore and Craig Brady. Second, he was a pineapple heir to the Shaman Thompson 2.0 2.05 ቶ ቶ ቶ ቶ ቶ ቶ ቶ ቶ ቶ ቶ ቶ ቶ ቶ ቶ ሻ ሻ ሻ ሻ ሻ ሻ ሻ ራሽ ሻ ሻ ሻ ራሽ ሻ ሻ ሻ ሻ ሻ ሻ ሻ ሻ ሻ አና Third place went to at 1.64 at Yat Brandy, heir apparent to Jay Maccache and Kay Carney at Weathered Eye Farm. Market members congratulate the winners and thank everyone who entered the competition.

Early harvest The first apples on the market begin to appear on the market. Still tomatoes, melons, melons, cantaloupe, white and yellow peppers, nectar, plums, apricots, sweet corn, green beans, peppers, eggs, potatoes, pumpkins, zucchini, jam, eggs, yogurt, milk, butter, Ice cream, mushrooms, chicken, pork, beef, crabs, cheese, honey and much more.

The HLFM Wednesday Market opened at Cruk Hammo Brewery from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. by 11 farmers / breweries: 302 Acupunics, Marine Water Farms, Bennett Farms, Bodi Farms, Dietmar Family Farms, Hatty Garden, Jackie Blues, Calmar Farm, Mandala Pace, Run Stag Farm and Totem Farms.

The market will continue its SNAP (EBT Food Stamps) program. To alleviate economic barriers to environmental, healthy food, HLFM earns up to $ 20 per participant per week with HLFM Bonus Bucks. SNAP participants can come to the SNAP tent to receive a $ 20 bonus in Token for use in the market. WIC and SFMNP coupons will also be accepted in the market.

HLFF will continue its partnership with Epworth United Methodist Church Food Pantry. HLFM customers who want to help feed the local community can buy local produce, meat, milk and other foods from suppliers every Saturday to donate to the April program. The product and other foods are collected and delivered to Epworth after each session. HLFM would like to thank its customers for their generosity.

More information is available at historical lewesfarmersmarket.org and on Facebook and Instagram.

For details and to receive the newsletter, email info@historiclewesfarmersmarket.org or 302-644-1436.


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