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Question and Answer

The new Philadelphia-based manufacturing company Strong love with Hillary Fur over here. The show kicks off in November.

Brian Balsazar, who founded his own Philadelphia-based production company, shares what he could not live without. Photo by Jawhin Sasnow

at home

Morning ritual; I take a shower every morning – I have a dream pool – and read the news on my phone.

Skin Care Essentials: Olive Regenerator Oil with Rainol .. My mother had very fine skin and more oily oil on her face every night than I expected.

Bryan Balsazar’s dream pool. Photo by Jawhin Sasnow

Binding hair; My hair does look beautiful, but I love it when I try to negotiate with my enemies, Owai Matt Pomde.

Brian Balsazar

Photo by Jawhin Sasnow

Favorite pastime; Gardening. All you need for your birthday is a truck full of sample trees and you know you are no longer in your twenties.

Recent controversy; 9 Chips from Laurel Shrubs Brandy Vine ..

Brian Balsazar

New shrubs from brandy trees.

Go to widget: I just got GrowlerWerks Cold Brew Coffee Maker .. I haven’t liked coffee for years. This is changing my mind.

Brian Balsazar

Balthazar’s breeder works as a brewery. Photo by Jawhin Sasnow

Pets My partner Dennis and I have two puppies. Princeton Boundary Terrier and Kair Terrier Friday. They are dirty and good.

Brian Balsazar

Baltazar Puppy, Princeton and Friday. Photo by Jawhin Sasnow

At work

I love what I do – Different. One day I’m behind the HTV series, and the other day I’m talking to Hodakot and Jenna Bush in front of the camera.

Brian Balsazar

Brian Baltazar and Wendy Williams. Photo by Jawhin Sasnow

I am currently working – A series of guest appearances above Wendy Williams Show Here you will taste and check for trends in viral foods and beverages.

Personal mantra; “how No you? “There is no reason to exclude yourself from success. Just go for it.

next to : I have developed an executive HTV series Strong love with Hillary Fur.. I took a photo of the Philadelphia area and repaired my house. Will be on display in November.

Exit and about

Favorite restaurant; Friday, Saturday, Sunday .. Chad Williams recently turned his attention to the eight-course tasting menu.

Brian Balsazar

Brian Ballazar’s favorite bar, author’s block restoration. Photo by Jawhin Sasnow

Favorite bar; Author block rehab .. In the fall, I like Peruvian sunrises of pisco, egg whites, turmeric and saffron.

My playlist: Scott Bradley is a group that transforms postmodern jukeboxes, swinging modern music into jazz, and jazz. If you are having a party, it is good to see guests saying “wait”. I did it again ‘? “

Next break: Part 2 within 2 hours. This year is all about exploring the rest areas around me.

ገናኝ ጭ ጭ የምን የምን ጭ ወይም ወይም ወይም ወይም ወይም ወይም ወይም ወይም ወይም ወይም አምራ አምራ አምራ አምራ አምራ አምራ አምራ አምራ አምራ አምራ አምራ አምራ አምራ አምራ አምራ አምራ ብራ ብራ ብራ ብራ ብራ ብራ አምራ ብራ ላ ላ ላ ላ ላ ላ

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