Lincoln Acre Park launches new lawns, parks, gardens

Lincoln acres residents and community leaders celebrated the reopening of their local park, announcing the expansion of 1.5 acres, new parks and community gardens.

San Diego County Superintendent Nora Vargas, who represents the community, joined County Parks officials and the National City Fire Department during the celebration at Lincoln Acre County Park on 2717 Gringger Street, National City.

“This has taken a lot of effort from the community,” says Vargas. He said the improvements started under former supervisor Greg Cox and included input from the community.

One of our priorities was a wide lawn that provided space for unstructured gaming and pickup sports. Provides the necessary space for the unincorporated community in the pocket of unselected land in the national city.

“People need green space, especially in dense areas,” says Vargas. People were at home when the plague broke out, and it affected them.

After a national ceremony on Saturday, people march to Lincoln Acre County Park.

(Dennis Poroy / San Diego Union-Tribune)

In addition to the lawn, the park now includes two gazebos with picnic tables and barbecues, 12 high beds and a new community garden, said San Diego County Parks Development Director David Norgard. Those additions were made possible by buying two lots of condominiums behind the existing site from volunteers.

The playground has also been replaced with plastic, and a swimming pool and water station have been added, Vargas said.

Norgard said the park renovation cost about $ 4 million, including $ 2 million in state support through Park 68, which allowed $ 4 billion in bond issues for parks, the environment and water projects.

Nearly 200 people were delighted with the new facilities as well as the “touch tables” of protected animal skulls, skins and live animals, a fitness center and gardening, planting and pottery.

San Diego County Superintendent Nora Vargas speaks at the graduation ceremony for Lincoln Acre County Park in the National City

San Diego County Superintendent Nora Vargas speaks at a new addition to Lincoln Acre County Park in the national city on Saturday.

(Dennis Poroy / San Diego Union-Tribune)

“This park is a focal point in this neighborhood,” said Mark Beverid, chief of the National City Fire Department, who runs the Lincoln Acre Community Center. Even in COVID-19 they are given the opportunity to go out and be a family, to have a comfortable, safe and beautiful green environment.

Marcus Bush, a member of the National City Council, who grew up in Lincoln Acre, attended the park with his young children. He remembers visiting the park when he had a small yard next to the nearby county library branch, which he himself was very small at that time.

The additions will provide additional space and facilities for the area in in-house blocks.

“We are here,” he said. It is good to have a park within walking distance. Walking, cycling, is accessible. ”

Mac Jackson, a resident of Lincoln Acre, said he particularly appreciates the community’s garden.

“I hope people will take advantage of that,” he said.

Lucy Dunkin, one of two landlords who sold their property to the city for the expansion, said it was a great way to honor her husband, Harold Dunkin.

“It’s really cool,” she said. I am very happy to have returned to this community that Harold loved so much.

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