Linda E. Duncan

The family of Derda, 82-year-old Linda Christine Erle Duncan, is deeply saddened when the Southern Pines family announces her passing away on Thursday, August 5, 2021. Linda, a native of North Carolina, died on April 10, 1939. Dr. Jesse Burns and Helen Christian Plantans Earle.

Linda leaves L, Mary Christine Duncan Wilson (Dirk), Lunenberg, Mass, Michael Michel Duncan Stuart (Malcolm). Michael Burns Duncan of Bellevue, Wash and Mibaane. She was also present at Chapel Hill in Newport News, V. And Mary Virginia Arl Brown (Nielsen) sister Nan Nancy Carol Arle Horgan (Jack, deceased). In addition, Linda is survived by four grandchildren, Zoe Wilson, Duncan Stewart, Mac Duncan, and Claire Stewart.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Michael Duncan (2004) for 40 years.

Linda grew up in the city of Seler. She was an ACC basketball player and a major tennis player. He knew better than to play with Linda, especially if she had to play double with her husband, Mike. My friend Duke Duke knew that he would never call her when he was playing basketball, and if they lost, he should not be mentioned for a week. She was a very popular craftsman. In her early years, her photography won numerous awards. In later life she turned to sweaters and almost everyone in the family had a sweater, hat or sweater made by Linda. She had a lifelong passion for adventure, learning, and being outdoors. When she went out with Linda, she talked about her knowledge of plants (there was nothing she could not tell), and interesting stories. They will continue to be in the company of children and grandchildren.

Linda holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Science from Mary Baldwin College. Professor of Plant Science at Duke University. She taught at several schools, including Siller City, Durham City, and Pinnest High School, and retired from the Murm County School System. She has served primarily at Union Pines and Pinckney Academy. She was a longtime member of the Browns Memorial Presbyterian Church in South Pine.

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