Linda Langelo was awarded the Lois Woodward Paul Memorial

Golden Plains Extension Horticulture Agent Linda Lanjelo has been awarded the LoiswaWorld Paul Memorial Award for outstanding fruits and vegetables. (Photo courtesy)

The Golden Plains Extension Horticulture Agent Linda Lanjello has been awarded the Lois Woodward Paul Paul Award for Outstanding Fruit and Vegetable Production.

The award was presented by a professional gardener program started by Pierre Dupont, founder and creator of Longwood Gardens. Graduates of the program will vote on the prizes based on the fruits and vegetables.

Patty Tingle, CEO of the Holly Foundation in Salisbury, Maryland, nominated Linda for the award. Here are some of the things she had to share with Aluminum:

I have known him for more than 30 years, and Linda Langello is a unique example of her passion and career in making gardening accessible to others. I first met Linda when she volunteered her time to teach young people and adults with disabilities and learning disabilities, understanding the art world and the world of plants and their care. She shared freely and patiently with each of them and, before moving out of the state, prepared an acre of therapeutic landscaping guide for our items — a huge loss for our programs.

“In addition, Linda has volunteered on various boards, including the American Community Garden Association, where she has been active in raising funds and helping to increase membership. The Prix Family Resource Center, which oversees donations to increase their success. The Phillips County Arts Council, which has funded garden visits, has provided technical support and training in horticulture, volunteered to work with Colorado Master Gardeners in the Golden Grounds, and received a community participation award from the University’s CEO. . A.D. 2013 extension.

Linda is now involved with many media outlets. She created the ‘Garden Fields’ website and Facebook page with the help of the Colorado Master Gardeners, and actively contributes to personal gardening challenges through email. She is a master gardener in the Golden Plains area and author of a garden column in the local newspaper Eternal Gardener.

She is a support advocate for learning in her spare time. Linda is about to complete her first book on the secrets of many plants.

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