Linden, NJ The teacher runs, stops the vehicle from hitting the children

Linden: A fast-paced middle school teacher managed to stop a student vehicle from jumping into a group of students during the first days of class.

She was rejoicing as a hero on Thursday for her quick response to the school surveillance video.

“It was a situation where a lot of people could be hurt,” says Turierlo.

She was on her way out of school on Wednesday morning when a parent jumped out of a car and it looked like a student’s forgotten iPad, according to Taurilo.

However, since the vehicle was not in the park, it started to move forward, which attracted the attention of the partner.

Taurillo, head coach for Linden High School, also called on another teacher to get some students to move forward before some students took action.

She was wearing boots because of a long-term injury, but her athletic training began.

Guildendol Long Towrilo, principal of Sahel High School, said he was primarily concerned with the safety of students.

“She told Dad what was going on in seconds, she told the staff to get the children out of the way, and then her life could be in danger,” Lowe said.

“This is her, and this is every day with Mrs. Taurilo, she cares about our students first. The Sahel High School family is blessed to have her.

It was very difficult to jump in a moving car. I never knew that would be hard work. ”

Some of the sixth-graders she met for the first time later told New Jersey 101.5 that she was “the teacher who got in the car.”

“I’m glad you’re all well,” she said. “It Could Have Been Bad”

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