LJ wants 800 million rubles in support of the Union Government for the advanced plantation in J and K

LJ is seeking $ 800 million from the federal government for improved plant development in J and K

Addis Ababa, September 15 – Lieutenant Governor Manoah Sinha attended an LT Governor’s Conference organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Security today. New Delhi.

Speaking on the occasion, J and Ken shared the views of the ruling UT government on agriculture and its associated sectors on sustainable and comprehensive development.

During the ceremony, the Crown Prince requested 800 million rubles in support of the Union Government for the advanced plant development in J and K.

The LT governor stressed the need for special provisions under existing programs to establish CA stores, additional fruit and vegetable mangoes and electronic platforms for the agricultural and fruit market. Extending the return period from one year to three years for vegetable crops under the KCC program; Establishing advanced processing and extraction facilities for Walnut, establishing modern pest laboratories; Development of irrigation facilities and rehabilitation of over 1000 hectares of land under the national saffron mission, establishment of saffron park in Kishwawa in Jammu subdivision, etc.

He also called on the Union Government to work on protected agriculture in the highlands of J and K. Encourage the production of olive oil and other oilseeds; It supports at least 50% subsidy on all major crops and PARVAZ initiative under a special subsidy package under Agricultural Mechanization (SMAM).


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